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Kurisu Makise Merchandise – Figure, Nendoroid, and others

How smart is Makise Kurisu? According to the series itself, she has IQ around 193. Not only that, but Kurisu is also so gorgeous and charismatic. As her fan, you must want Kurisu Makise merchandise, right?

Kurisu is a research member of Victor Qondria University’s Brain Research Program. Her age group matches that of third-year high schoolers, but she skipped a grade through America’s educational system.

Through this article, we will give you the greatest list of anime merchandise related to Kurisu Makise.

And for more characters, you can find them in Steins Gate merchandise.

makise kurisu merchandise
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Cosplay Stuffs

“Every brilliant day should be lived for those who passed away.”

Cosplay Costume

One set of Kurisu Makise costumes for cosplay is a special and using modern design which makes you more attractive, charming, and fashionable. It is one of the greatest Kurisu Makise merchandise to own.

The costume package includes a coat, shirt shorts, necktie, armband, and belt.

All you need are tights and shoes, and wig if you so choose. It is very detailed, the belts on the arms aren’t attached to the jacket, so you can tighten or loosen them and move them up and down your arms as you.

They do need to be tightened to support the jacket if you wear it off your shoulders, but the coat is lightweight, so it doesn’t cut off circulation or get uncomfortable. 

The coat is also relatively thin, which is actually a really good thing since it gets a little warm with all the layers, and con halls can be rather warm by themselves. 

Overall, it’s absolutely worth the money, the costume is well made, detailed, and the seller is polite and helpful, and it arrived early.

Cosplay Wig

The long straight wine red wig with bangs would be the greatest kinds of stuff for your Kurisu Makise cosplay wig. 

It is made of premium synthetic fiber with high-quality synthetic fiber, feels good and easy to comb.

This Kurisu Makise wig is super soft and not too heavy. 

Cosplay Shoes

The costume boots would be the greatest stuff for your Kurisu Makise cosplay shoes. The item location is in Hong Kong and made of high-quality material uniform cloth or fake leather.

The soles are very detailed. You may want to wear a liner in them if you’re only going to wear thin tights instead of socks, or if you’ll be wearing them all day, but that goes for most shoes. These are beautiful!

Action Figures

“Everyone is watching someone other than themselves, someone important to them…”

Kotobukiya Ani-Statue

Ani-statue of Kurisu Makise action figure is imported from Japan by Kotobukiya. This figure is one of the greatest Kurisu Makise merchandise to own. 

She is based on the cover art of the Xbox 360 limited edition package. She is sculpted by MIC Corporation and stands around 9 inches.

Based on the cover illustration from the XBOX 360 Limited Edition Package, Kurisu sits serenely atop a wild gear base, seemingly floating in mid-air. 

Look closely to see amazingly intricate sculpting on her clothing from the billowing jacket to her necktie and boots, while the base itself shows off a whole new level in artistry (there’s even tiny broken cell phone.). 

The young woman has a distant look in her eyes, beautiful yet mysterious. Sculpted by MIC Corp., Kurisu is 9 inches tall (1/8 scale), and comes fully pre-painted so you can display her right away.

The figurine is extremely detailed and resilient considering the amount of effort needed to “complete” it. The instructions are in Japanese, however, you will still be able to use the visuals to aid in your assembly just fine. Well worth the money, looks exquisite.

The design and idea for sculpting are intricate. You want to turn her around and look at her from all angles. She has a great expression on her face. 

The figure is quite durable but doesn’t take my word for it by bending the parts as most parts are made of soft PVC. Such as the gears, hair, necktie, somewhat her jacket, and parts of her shoe.

Good Smile Figma

The Figma of Kurisu Makise action figure is imported from Japan by Good Smile. She is a highly articulated figure which includes extra arm parts and important accessories from the game.

She comes with three expressions: a standard face, an angry face, and a smirking face to show all sides of her tsundere personality. 

Extra arm parts are included to recreate her classic “folded arm” pose. 

Mirai Gadget #6: “Cyalume Saber” is also included. Plus, a total of 12 extra hand parts are included, including hands that allow her to hold important items from the game, such as her cellphone and a drink bottle.

The figure itself is the same size as the S.H. Figuarts One Piece figures that I also own. The figure brings 3 different faces with one of them being the “tsundere” face. “Christina” also brings a Dr. Pepper bottle although it’s glued to one of her extra hands and a lightsaber from Okabe’s “future” laboratory. She also brings crossed arms to pose her in her current amazon picture.

Great detail, the parts are a little hard to switch out, but you know that when you put a part on, they will stay there. The box is sturdy, displays them very well. The paint job is very well done, the stand is a great touch, and the character is very easily posable.

The number of poses you can put her in is only limited by your creativity. Her hair and tie are made out of soft plastic to avoid breaking them when moving her body parts around, which was something I was worried about. Her jacket, however, is hard plastic. Though it is thick enough that you shouldn’t be able to break it if you’re careful. The joints are a little stiff, however, I am sure that they will loosen up with use. 

Good Smile PVC

The PVC of Kurisu Makise action figure is an imported product by Good Smile. She is 1:8 in scale.

Her slim body, gorgeous body line, and subtle yet detailed expression have all been converted from illustration into figure perfectly! 

She holds a cellphone in her one hand and wears her well-known uniform, with her long hair flowing out behind her as she dashes off as quickly as she can – a simple everyday scene, sculpted to perfection so fans will be able to enjoy Kurisu by their side forever!

Love the figure, but it should be pointed out that it comes with 2 bases and you need to figure out which one you want to put it on leave it there. The way the pegs are made for the stands, once they are in without some serious prying which could damage the figure if you try to remove it. It won’t break, but it can come apart in ways that make it less sturdy. It is also top-heavy. Have not had it fall over yet, but it can easily be knocked over while, say, dusting.

It’s a gorgeous work from GSC and I dare say this is The best figure of Kurisu so far. Absolutely recommend this if you are a big fan of Steins; Gate. However, do take note that it’s somewhat difficult to plug the figure onto the base and you have to kinda force it in. So choose the base you want to use carefully cuz switching it might result in undesirable damage to the figure.

Kotobukiya Antinomic Dual

Antinomic Dual Ani Statue of Kurise Makise action figure is from the science adventure series called Steins;Gate 0. 

This figure looks amazing. The pose is dynamic, the cogs give it a unique aesthetic, and the lab coat is accented with streaks of peach color to give it a more textured appearance. 

The figure is sturdy and has a nice matte finish that does not feel cheap in quality. The stand angles forward to make the action pose feel even more dynamic. 

Her face also looks good and proportioned properly. The wind effects on her coat, tie, and hair really make this figure interesting to look at.

Good Smile White Coat

The white coat version of Kurisu Makise action figure is imported from Japan by Good Smile. She is smooth yet poseable joints and acts out a variety of scenes with multiple parts and expressions.

She comes with a rather intense glaring expression, an expression with closed eyes and an embarrassed expression. 

Parts to pose Kurisu with crossed arms or with her hands in her pockets are both included. 

An arm with Mirai Gadget #12 “Darling no Baka” is also included, as are removable slippers. An articulated figma stand is included, which allows a wide range of poses.

The pieces are easy to remove and replace. Posing can be a little difficult, though worth it.

Banpresto SQ

The SQ of Kurisu Makise action figure is an officially licensed product by Banpresto and it is brand new in the box. She is very collectible and limited and high-quality figure.

The figure comes with a base and a small cellphone. It can be very easy to overlook the cellphone since it is so small and wrapped in plastic. So make sure to be careful and not throw it away. It should fit nicely with her left hand.

Taito Hiyoku Renri no Darling

Kurisu Makise action figure from the visual novel called Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling is officially licensed by Taito and it is very limited and collectible. She stands around 7 inches and minor assembly required.

Her detail work and molding is very good, just about right for this price range, and her pose and expression are both highly endearing.

Figure’s major highlights (eyes, airbrush shading, etc) are very vibrant, with detailing taking after the VN version. The display stand is the bottom half of one of her shoes, completing the look as well as supporting her off-kilter stance very well.

Banpresto May Queen Nyannyan

Kuji May Queen Nyannyam of Kurisu Makise action figure is imported from Japan by Taito. She is a 100% authentic Japanese domestic version.

The figure is very well made and the details follow their sourcing. It snapped together really well and is overall worth the small price and wait for something of this quality.

The figure is nice and is pretty strong. You can remove the skirt and just have a shirt and pants which is pretty cool. 

Wave Beach Queen

Beach queen of Kurisu Makise action figure is from Wave, has body size around 16 cm and main manufacturing countries is China.

She looks cute. The eyes are beautiful but the details not so great.

Freeing Bunny

Bunny version of Kurisu Makise action figure is an imported product by Freeing. She depicts the future gadget lab member no. 004 in a bunny girl outfit. 

She is in a 1:4 scale figure and features her hallmark shirt collar and necktie. Her form-fitting bunny girl outfit and embarrassed expression are sure to stir the hearts of fans everywhere!


“People’s feelings are memories that transcend time.”

Normal Version

This Kurisu Makise nendoroid is imported from Japan by Good Smile. You can choose multiple poses and includes items from the game.

You can recreate a number of the poses from the game by using the included upset and embarrassed expressions.

A few items from the game such as the documents in a paper folder and her cell phone are also included as optional parts. 

Her paint didn’t bleed or smudge on her. Her parts all fit nicely together. This tells me that the seller had kept her in ideal conditions.

The figure is extremely well made and eye appealing. Comes with many sets of arms and faces and the pieces for it come nicely off. The stand for it is barely noticeable and the figure overall is excellent.

White Coat

The white coat version of Kurisu Makise nendoroid has about 100 mm in height. She is a non-scale ABS and PVC painted moveable figure and sculpted by Maruhige.

This Nendoroid would be a great addition to your Kurisu Makise merchandise collection.

Cheerful Japan with Mayuri Shiina

Cheerful Japan version of Kurisu Makise nendoroid with Mayuri Shiina has about 100 mm in height and sculpted by Maruhige. They are non-scale ABS and PVC painted moveable figures.

Both of Kurisu and Mayushi has the exact size as normal Nendoroid. You can put Makise and Mayushii in Karamatsu and Jushimatsu’s hoodies before. Their parts will swap with all of the nendoroids you have.

Other Kurisu Makise Merchandise

“You can run away, but that’ll just make it worse!”

Plush Doll

Sitting pose of Kurisu Makise plush doll has around 7 inches in size. She is an officially licensed product by Great Eastern Entertainment. 

She is so cute, collectible, but limited availability. Makes the perfect gift for any Steins Gate fans!


Fabric wall scroll of Kurisu Makise poster could make your walls looks so great! Decorate your walls with this brand new sturdy Kurisu Makise wall scroll. 

It is made from durable fabric and much better than a regular poster. She is easy to be framed because includes 2 hanging hooks! You will absolutely love it.

Poster with Suzuha Amane

Kurisu Makise poster with Suzuha Amane is a wall scroll home decor with the size around 16×20 inches. It is made and shipped in the USA.

They both look so sexy for your wall!