Kotetsu Kaburagi Merchandise – Figures, Plush Doll, and more

At the age of 10, he was present during an attempted bank robbery which was foiled by the veteran hero Mr. Legend. If you are a fan of him, make sure you collect Kotetsu Kaburagi merchandise!

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, nicknamed Wild Tiger, is one of the series’ main protagonists and a veteran hero whose lack of regard for collateral damage when fighting crime had earned him the nickname the “Crusher for Justice” for the wrong reasons by the public.

In this post, we will give you a list of anime merchandise related to Kotetsu Kaburagi.

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Cosplay Stuffs

“Everyone has their own personal issues to deal with.”


If you want to perform a cosplay as Kotetsu Kaburagi, don’t forget to grab this cosplay wig. This item location in Hong Kong but made of high-quality material like uniform cloth or fake leather. It is pre-made so make sure you order it first.


Kotetsu Kaburagi cap is a fully licensed product by Great Eastern Entertainment. It is made of quality materials and comfortable fitting.

Well-made, good workmanship. The only drawback is that it’s not adjustable. There are tabs and buckles on the back that give it the appearance of being adjustable, but they are just decorative. 

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Action Figures

“Well, when you get to be like me, you can’t remember every criminal’s face.”

Bandai Chibi Arts

Chibi arts of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure is from Bandai Tamashii Nations. He includes interchangeable faces, 2 pieces of fried rice with and without mayo, and a special display stand with a catchphrase.

A full array of accessory parts allows for the portrayal of this character in a variety of chibi styled situations. 

Set includes hat parts, hair (bangs) parts for use with hat, mayonnaise bottle, fried rice x 2 (with and without mayonnaise), present for Barnaby, interchangeable arm parts, interchangeable facial expression parts x 2, special display stand, as well as display stand base with Japanese catchphrase.

He is just as cute as Barnaby and has no problems with posing him. Like Bunny, he comes with only 3 expressions and a couple of poses. These instructions are in Japanese but it is very easy to follow.

Bandai Figuarts Zero

Figuarts Zero of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure is from Bandai Tamashii Nations. It fixed pose the high detailed figure with a swappable arm. 

He is a Tamashii web exclusive figure that includes a special display stand.

This high-detail sculpt faithfully replicates the main character of the Wild Tiger alter-ego and protagonist of the hit anime series Tiger and Bunny as he appears in episode 5 carrying a pink bunny stuffed animal. 

Kotetsu’s crime-fighting partner Barnaby Brooks Jr. is also scheduled for a limited Figuarts ZERO release and will be ideal for displaying alongside Figuarts ZERO Kaburagi T. Kotetsu.

For the price, he’s actually very well sculpted, and the paint job is darn near excellent. The colors and nearly the exact colors in the show! He comes with an interchangeable arm, but I have no yet tried to swap it out yet as in his default pose, he’s very classy and looks great next to my monitor. Details are excellent and look extremely similar to the show.

SH Figuarts is a great figurine producer, and I have a few Kotetsu/Wild Tiger figures by SH Figuarts. SH Figuarts as really captured the essence of Kotetsu from the paint job, right down to the cute little smirk he gives.

Banpresto 10 Inches

The 10 inches of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure is an officially licensed product by Banpresto. He is imported from Japan, very limited and collectible. 

This figure is painted very well and the height is surprising for its price. It’s great to have displayed on a bookshelf with his partner, Barnaby Brooks Jr.

His assembly is a little tricky since the way they separated his upper body and lower body is a bit strange. His lower body has his left hand and the upper body has his wrist as a stub. 

You’ll have to remove his watch and place it on the nub so the figure’s arm will slide where it needs to be without fear of tearing his arm off. It took me a while and they don’t provide a tip for his assembly either so I hope no one else will break this beautiful figure upon opening it.

The character’s style and fashion are perfectly reflected within the figure so just looking at them piques your interest for what show they are from or what the story is behind the character. I mean it when I say this figure is top-notch quality, no matter what angle you are looking from you will find details and embellishments.

Megahouse GEM PVC

GEM PVC of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure is imported from Japan by Megahouse. He recreates the civilian identity of the Wild Tiger and stands over 9 inches tall.

This figure is of excellent quality. The sculpting was done carefully, the painting is of high quality, and the resemblance of the figure is perfect.

Bandai 12 Inches Perfect Model

The 12 inches perfect model of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure has high detail in texture and cloth. He includes interchangeable face parts and hand parts.

Kotetsu’s alter-ego attire has been meticulously replicated with a cloth to capture details of the character’s chest pocket, collars, shoe design, and texture, as well as sleeve buttons. 

With an emphasis on both materials and articulation, 12″ PM Kotetsu T. Kaburagi achieves both realism and dynamic posing potential. 

Interchangeable parts, including masked face and expressive hand parts, further enhance the charm of the Tiger and Bunny protagonist as he is portrayed in this high-end 12″ PM action figure.

Shoes are plastic but accurate. You can remove them & he has removable cloth socks as well. His shoulders & waist has filler foam to give his simple armature body bulk in the right places. So he’s not meant to be displayed without his shirt. Removing the vest though is fine.

Banpresto Prize DX

Prize DX of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure is from Banpresto. It’s detailed and well-made, proportions are correct and the painting is awesome. And the height is just perfect to be displayed. He looks cool!

Bandai Wild Tiger 12 Inches Perfect Model

Wild Tiger 12 inches perfect model of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure with head, chest, legs, and arm guards are illuminated by approximately 12 leds. 

He includes special display stand and optional parts to reveal Kotesu underneath the helmet. 5 interchangeable fixed pose hands plus one pair of hands with posable fingers are also included. As a bonus, there are parts for replicating appearance in Tiger and Bunny movie “The Beginning”.

This figure is amazing, fully articulated, nice finish and feels sturdy. Looks like Bandai hit the mark with this one. 

Bandai Wild Tiger SH Figuarts

Wild Tiger SH Figuarts of Kotetsu Kaburagi action figure includes 4 expressive interchangeable handsets. New logos featured in the first Tiger and Bunny film and includes a special display for the stand.

The extra touches of color compared to the first release of the figure really makes it stand out. Despite the lack of having Good Luck Mode, I honestly think having a better assortment of expressive hands and a more detailed figure overall is a great tradeoff. 

Unless you really care about good luck mode, pick this up if you only ever do get one Wild Tiger figure. You won’t have the hassle of worrying over pegs messing up through swapping out hands.

Bandai Top Mag

Top Mag version of Wild Tiger action figure is interchangeable cape, head, and hands. It includes special display stand.

This is a great edition to your tiger and bunny collection don’t pass it up if your a collector and handle with care it will last for as long as you want.

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Plush Doll

“This might be a part of Bunny’s past that he doesn’t want us to touch.”

Alpaca Plush Cosplay

Alpaca plush is performing cosplay as Kotetsu Kaburagi is approximately 12 inches tall. It is cute and cuddly plush.

Cosplaying Alpacas!?! They used to only be sweet, and cuddly, but now they’re awesome and action-packed! Carefully crafted, highly evolved, consistent with Tiger & Bunny character detail. For fans of cuteness and fans of the hit show, the Cosplay Alpacas are the best of both worlds. Brought to you by Yes Anime and Viz Media.

The attention to detail is nice, they even got his hat and little tie right. He’s fluffy, soft, well made, and durable. I especially like the facial hair they gave him.

This plush is precious. It stands about a foot high, and it looks just like the picture. It’s details are down to the letter, and the material its made with is soft enough for a good cuddle. It’s nice and fat, and any Tiger and Bunny fan will immediately know what this little alpaca is trying to be.

Great Eastern 10 inches

The 10 inches of Kotetsu Kaburagi plush doll is an officially licensed product by Great Eastern. He makes a great gift, cute and collectible. 

Grab this plush doll as fast as possible because he is limited availability.

20 cm Tall

The 20 cm tall of Kotetsu Kaburagi plush doll is available for you! It’s not a flimsy plushy. It’s very well made. It’s articulated. You can position him. He has magnets in his hands. Pretty impressive!