Kasugano Sora Figure – 5 Awesome List

Are a huge fan of Kasugano Sora from Yosuga no Sora series? Then you don’t want to miss these awesome list Kasugano Sora figure.

Sora is one of the main heroines of the Yosuga no Sora series, she is a quiet, fragile and reclusive girl, and fraternal twin sister to the main protagonist.

This time, My Anime Merch has listed awesome Kasugano Sora figure for you! We also write a review for you, so you can choose the best one!

kasugano sora figure


Alter are known for their high quality. It’s known that they are one of the top manufactures in the figures industry. They nailed this version of Sora perfectly. 

You can find other figures of her made by Alter, but in my opinion, the one with white dress she wears in the anime is the best of all. It looks even better in person. 

The way she lifts up her skirt is charming, her expression matches her cold personality, her shoes are lovely, the dress is amazingly detailed and feels nice to touch, her legs are smooth, her hair colors are done right, and thankfully her base isn’t typical. 

It’s a beautiful blue base with Sora’s full name written on it. Sora’s name means Sky in English, that’s why her base is blue and best of all she comes with two heads with two different hairstyles! 

Just make sure you don’t order a bootleg. This is definitely a must for every figurine collector & especially Sora fans. There is no need for hesitation, your waifu is waiting for you!

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Alter China Dress

From Alter. Posed seated in an elegant, yet provocative, dress, this recreation of the reclusive girl Kasugano Sora.

Many fine details, excellent paint work, lovely eyes, sexy pose. Totally a masterpiece that will increase its value with time, no doubt!

Pricey but always excellent. A few things I like the most about this figure are as follows. Her very cute face. Though she has a somewhat blank expression she’s still quite lovely. 

I like how her head is ever so slightly tilted to the side. Her twin tailed hairdo. Secured by some finely detailed hair bows that match her dress I like the way it has been sculpted as if being blown by some unseen wind. 

Her finely detailed China dress. I love the intricate flower and dragon designs. I also like the way she is holding it up so as to give you a glimpse of her sexy black undies. 

The Chinese looking chair. I love the back of it in particular. The design is very cool and matches the design on the corners of the base it sits on. I like the red cushion of the chair. 

With the overall color scheme of this figure being black and white the dark red seat sticks out in a very nice way. Also I love that she apparently has a magnet in her butt that helps keep her sitting snuggly on said red cushion. 

Overall this is a really cool figure and the way she is presented makes her a one of a kind in my opinion. 

There is also a black China dress version that’s available and it’s actually really nice looking as well. I recommend either one of them.

Kotobukiya Ani-statue

Imported by Kotobukiya, in this version, Kasugano Sora is wearing black swimsuit with sexy pose. She is measured approximately 5 inch tall.

Special white base includes. She is absolutely pretty! I just love the pillow she lays on too, both her and the pillow are great quality.

Great little gem. If you like the character, and the style, you will like the quality and the pillow.

She is sexy and lovely! This figure is really good with a cheap price!


Another Kasugano Sora figure is in her white swimsuit version. Kasugano Sora looks so moe. 

The paint job on her, more so for the skin, matches how she looks like in the game and her proportions are very Loli-like. 

The towel add-on is easy to remove because it happens to be made of soft plastic, and has a nice texture too so you will not risk scratching her hands although as will all pvcs, you never really want to take off the plastic wraps on places where the paint job comes into contact with an add-on of different color.

And the item is guaranteed authentic. It has the AAA sticker on it. Collectors, always make sure that that stuff you buy are original. Never pad the pockets of the damned bootleggers.

Educational values? Well if you are an illustrator who likes moe but with little or no access to nice references for loli, then this figure is a nice bet. You can always refer to her proportions.


An Alphamax import, Kasugano Sora is just over 7 inch tall.

While holding her doll, Kasugano Sora is on not-so-good mood because she just arrive on town.

Make sure you get this figure if you are truly love Kasugano Sora from the series.

It could be a great gift for any anime and Yosuga no Sora fans as well.