Jiraiya Costume – Recommended Cosplay Stuff to Become Ero-sennin

Want to become Jiraiya from Naruto series? Then you need to choose Jiraiya costume rightly!

Jiraiya is an old man, but he’s not an ordinary perv old man. Jiraiya has a great ninjutsu technique and considered as legendary ninja from Konoha.

So, cosplaying him is not bad anyway! 

Also, this is one of the characters that could cosplayer choose in all age.

No matter who you are, adult, child, or even senior cosplay, you can do it!

So, here we go! My Anime Merch recommends some stuffs you need.


Costume for Adult

This Jiraiya costume is his main outfit. You can’t be Jiraiya without wearing this item.

The jacket includes 11 pieces suit, including jacket, kimono ninja, T-shirt, rubber trousers, belt, 2 sleeves, 2 hand, 2 calf, resin forehead, shoes, and wig.

This costume use the American size, so you don’t worry about it. 

The product it’s self is great! Not cheaply made and well put together! Looks like it came right out of the anime itself! Which is definitely something you look for when cosplaying.


The costume above is already included with the headband, but in case you only need the headband, here is for you!

Just like in the anime, the headband has kanji character “abura” or oil. 

This accessory is so solid and heavy it feels like its metal, yet it wears nicely without feeling overly heavy. 

Sure, for you who already owned the costume but forget to buy the headband, just grab it today!

Because the headband is one of the most crucial accessory for any Naruto cosplayer.

Jacket Hoodie

If you want to cosplay Jiraiya everyday and in daily lives, it’s time for you to get this Jiraiya hoodie jacket.

Despite you can wear in your daily activities, you can also wear it in the cosplay event to steal everyone’s eyes!

Jiraiya jacket hoodie is made of 80% nylon and 20% polyester. The fabric with fleeced lining, which can keep you warm even in cold, perfect for winter, please chose what you need