Ika Musume Figure – 8 Best Selection for Squid Girl Fans

A squid girl who claims to be “A Messenger of the Sea”, Ika Musume. Are a huge fan of her? Then don’t forget to collect Ika Musume figure we chose here.

Comes from an anime titled Squid Girl, she is known to be very stubborn, insists that eventually she’ll be able to conquer humanity, has a fear of sharks and killer whales, loves shrimp, can spew out ink at will, and can use her blue hair as tentacles.

My Anime Merch has listed up the best Ika Musume figure on Amazon. You can choose the good one, or just grab them all.

Ika Musume Figure
squid girl logo


Good smile is the absolute only guarantee that you are getting a genuine product another knock off. 

They make great collectors items and come with a variety of different ways to change faces arm and foot positions and accessories to change their activities. 

They seem expensive but if you have a collector and this is what they collect then nothing else will compete. 

If the nendoroid itself wasn’t sellable enough, the maneuverable tentacles and extremely fair price should be. 

Her beers are prone to falling out of her grips if you shake her too much, but i think it adds to the adorableness of when you get them to stay. 

The shrimp plate comes with a little clip on the bottom for easily attaching to a tentacle and not falling off. 

This is a fantastic, creative nendoroid and I highly recommend it fans of the series!

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Banpresto DX

Do you need Ika Musume in swimsuit? You can get this one from Banpresto. Very high quality for the price you pay. 

It feels sturdy, rather than cheap, and has no visual flaws that I could find.

 It’s also adorable, if that helps your decision making, but if you’re on this page, you should know that already anyways. 

Fantastic little figure of a character that doesn’t get as much love as she deserves.

Very fair price and it is simply wonderful, color is wonderful paint job is great over all quality is wonderful. 

She’s a decent size and she does not come in a display box she must be taken out to display. Over all very cute at great price .

Max Factory Figma

Ika musume (squid girl) has many accessory as all figmas do. She has a decent amount of accessories that she can use (ink noodles, beer mug, plate of fried rice) and she also comes with 3 different face plates. 

Another great thing about this figma is that her tentacle hair is actually pose-able which is extremely useful when trying to create specific poses that would usually be difficult to setup due to her hair getting in the way, now that’s not a problem at all since you can just move it if you need to. 

Speaking of tentacles, this figma also comes with 2 extra hairpieces, one of them is her short hair from episode 12 of season 1, and the other is similar to her regular hair but the front two tentacles are extremely long (pic related) and bendable which is also useful for creating more unique poses.

Overall, I highly recommend getting this figma, if you’re a huge Ika Musume fan than you should definitely buy it. If you’re someone that enjoys the show but is kind of on the fence about buying this figma, then I still think you should buy it, it comes with a bunch of accessories and other extras, and it’s extremely fun to pose due to the fact that the movable tentacle hair opens up a lot of possibilities on what you can do with the figma. Basically, Squid Girl is one of the best figmas on the market and you should definitely buy her.


The other one is from Taito. She’s wearing her usual clothes, with her unique pose.

Shinryaku Ika Musume is one of the funniest anime I have ever watched. So, Ika Musume, the main character has also lots of fans.

If you don’t like the swimsuit version, then this one could fulfill your expectation.

Great figure for the price of $40. Looks just like Squid Girl, and the quality is very high.


Still not enough? How about Ika Musume from Kotobukiya.

Exceptional paint job, and worth every penny. I highly recommend this to any fans of Ika Musume. You truly get what the picture shows.

Capsule Q Fraulein

You know gatcha right? In Japan, capsule figure from Gatcha are pretty popular, and they can get figure randomly, starting from standard to the rare stuff.

Despite the image shows 5 figures, unluckily you only get one. This listing is for one randomly pick figure. All figures are sealed in factory’s capsules individually. The seller will randomly pick and ship including the capsule.

But it’s still worth to get, all of them. Because Ika Musume is a cute girl.

DX Limited Version

Ika Musume figure has so much version, including the limited version. That’s why the price is a little high for this edition.

Sealed in box, you can get this cute Ika Musume figure and display her with your other collections.

Kotobukiya Plastic Model Kit

A precision made model kit (since it’s a Kotobukiya, no glue or paint is required) of a very interesting character. 

She’s technically a squid who decides to “invade” (shinryaku) the land creatures to get them to stop trashing the oceans. 

The instructions are drawn extremely well, which is good since the lettering is all in Japanese. 

The orientation of the drawings for assembling the top of the head (it’s not a hat, it’s the top of her head, and her ‘hair’ is actually tentacles), but otherwise the instructions are very explanatory. 

Her arms and legs are articulated, her ‘temple tentacles’ are optionally replaceable with either soft vinyl pose-able or gripping strands, and she includes changeable hands and facial expressions.