houki shinonono merchandise

Houki Shinonono Merchandise – Most Recommended Action Figure, Nendoroid

Houki Shinonono is one of the main heroines from the Infinite Stratos series. Her place of the resident is home to a kendo dojo and she has been interested in kendo since she was young.

Well, if you love her as one of your favorite anime’s character, then you must be don’t want to miss anime merchandise related to Houki Shinonono.

Here, we have the most recommended anime merchandise for any Houki Shinonono and Infinite Stratos fans.

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houki shinonono merchandise
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Action Figures

Houki’s IS unit Akatsubaki and its swords are a tribute to the MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame from Gundam SEED Astray . Both Akatsubaki and Astray Red Frame are close combat units that uses katanas as main weapons. Its inactive sillhouette, foot blades, and colors are all reminiscent of the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice from Gundam SEED Destiny .

Freeing Kitsune Miko

An import from Freeing, this Kitsune Miko version of Houki Shinonono action figure is on a 1:4 scale. You can display her with the other characters in the series.

She is dressed up in a Miko priestess outfit with lovely vibrant red color, and she is also wearing fox ears and a tail! 

She has a bit of an embarrassed expression on her face, which only brings out her charm even more.  One of the most recommended Houki Shinonono merchandise.

The figure is an impressive 1/4th scale and matches up perfectly with the other characters from the same series – be sure to display them all together and recreate your very own infinite stratus harem!

So many detailed features on her that I just love. the face/hair/legs catch your eyes then you notice stuff like the toes and panted fingers nails. if you are and IS fan and looking into this you can get some great prices on Amazon right now. 

Bandai AGP Akatsubaki

The AGP Akatsubaki figure of Houki Shinonono is from Bandai. She includes interchangeable hands and faces, plus effect parts for IS. You can also get a display stand.

This deluxe “mecha meets girl” action figure set features clear beam parts to depict Akatutsubaki’s characteristic fold-out armor, as well as a wealth of other optional accessories. 

The “Amatsuki” and “Karaware” katanas with sheath are included, in addition to four sets of interchangeable hand parts for the Akatsubaki IS, two interchangeable faces, and a special display stand. 

Finally, as an added bonus, three interchangeable handsets for the Shinonono figure are included as well to add to your IS customization.

The item itself is very nice. The paint is bright and clean. No smudges, lines are sharp. Lots and lots of parts to allow you to set up and pose just about any way you could desire.

All of the armor pieces fit on her with no problems at all. The effect parts are easy to put on and look amazing the swords fit in hand very well.

The build quality is good and the various parts fit quite nicely together. A great addition to the Infinite Stratos team.

Penguin Parade Puchikko Mini Statue

An officially licensed product by Penguin Parade, the puchikko mini statue of Houki Shinonono figure is ready to get!

Houki’s long black hair as well as an expression that captures her personality perfectly has been shrunk down into an adorable palm-sized figure!

It stands at approximately 7 cm tall and comes with base in a window box packaging. Nice little no prize. The paint quality is nice, and the price for this is alright. 

Media Factory

This 1/10 scale of Houki Shinonono PVC figure is licensed by Media Factory. Well made product, slight discoloration but it isn’t noticeable. Good for the price.

Very nice well boxed and protected. She is a nice addition to your collection.


Houki is the only known main female character who isn’t a representative of any nation or country due to her being the sister of the IS creator and being the only person who possesses a 4th Generation IS that does not belong to any country or organization.

Good Smile

A Good Smile import, this Houki Shinonono Nendoroid includes three different facial expressions and optional weapons plus running pose parts.

Her long, trademark ponytails are fitted with joints, and she comes with special alternative parts to allow you to display her in the running pose from the ending theme of the series. 

She comes with her standard expression, an expression with gritted teeth, and cute smiling expression. A cute Houki Shinonono merchandise

She also comes with folded arm parts allowing you to pose her standing with an imposing appearance, or even a hand pointing forward. 

Her wooden sword and fencing stick are also both included as optional parts allowing you to pose her in a number of your favorite scenes from the series.