Hinata Hyuga Action Figure: Top Lists on Amazon

Hyuuga Hinata is one of the noble family members from Naruto series. For the some reasons, Hinata had a crush on Naruto.

As the Kunoichi from Konoha, Hinata is capable on doing several ninja technique, including her kekkei genkan, Byakugan.

In the series, Hinata tends to be shy and has quiet personality. Because of her natural beauty, many Naruto audiences starting to love her.

Hyuuga Hinata

In the end, Hinata also gains so much popularity among the Naruto fans.

That’s why, this time My Anime Merch will try to cover up the top lists of Hinata Hyuga action figure for you!

The Hinata figures are chosen on Amazon based on the great review and affordable price.


Chibi Nendoroid

The first list is Nendoroid. For the action figure collector and wants to get Hinata in chibi version, then this Hinata Hyuga nendoroid is a must have.

Imported by Good Smile Company, the Hinata nendoroid includes three face plates for multiple expressions.

Optional parts for battle stances, Ninja running pose and even the gentle step twin lion fists are also included.

You can also have numerous posing options.

The design overall flows really well and is accurate to her design in Shippuden!

Very high quality as expected from Good Smile. The figure is really cute and easy to put together.

Megahouse Shippuden Figure

In the shippuden series, Hinata Hyuga looks more adorable and gorgeous, despite she still quiet and shy.

From the Megahouse import, Hinata Hyuga action figure in Shippuden version stands 7,75 inches tall.

She is portrayed in a graceful pose with a slightly embarrassed expression. 

Her distinctive long hair has been sculpted beautifully and her clothes are painted with care. 

The headband hanging from her neck is also recreated in detail, and the fishnet part of her outfit is reproduced with a realistic texture.

The paint job is perfect and she’s a nice sturdy statue. Her face is just as cute as it is in the series.

Grown-up Version

Still imported by Megahouse, this time Hinata Hyuga action figure comes with more mature version. She stands 8,25 inches tall.

This time she is turned into a figure in the beautiful grown-up version seen in the Shinden/Hiden series of the anime! 

Her lovely black hair is longer, she has a more mature expression and looks more sensual than before. 


But please note that there is nothing can be removable. It’s only for display and not for playing.

It was a little expensive but definitely worth it! This figure looks amazing and arrived very quickly

Banpresto Version

From the Banpresto, Hinata Hyuga action figure looks more adorable with her pose. 

As the original banpresto figure, the price is reasonable if you compare it with the bootleg one that usually sold under $30.

She stands about 6″ tall, or about your standard action figure height, with her base, and you can pair her up with Naruto to display side by side.


Banpresto accurately created her look from the Naruto The Last movie, and this figure is 100% legit.

Because of high demands, the price itself is always fluctuating, so sometimes the price tend to changes from time to time.

Figurine Tsume Statue

Hinata Figurine Tsume is an XTRA 1/10 scale figure from Naruto series. This is limited edition so be sure you get this item if you are a big fan of Hinata and action figure collector.

Hinata Tsume figure is an authentic product straight from the manufacturer, Tsume. 

It is well package and well made. Awesome and really great statue with really nice detail. 


Splash Figure

From Megahouse,  the Splash version of Hinata Hyuga is includes into Naruto gals release. It depicts Hinata in a shy pose dressed in the swimsuit that she wore atthe end of the anime.


Figurine Mariage Wedding Dress Figure

The mariage or wedding episode of Naruto Shippuden is one of the most waiting moment through out the series. Some fans want Naruto to mary Sakura, but most of them wish that Naruto will mary Hinata, and that’s what we saw in the series.

This Hinata Hyuga figure in wedding dress is designed for NaruHina fans out there.