Hatake Kakashi Costume: Best for Cosplay on Amazon

Hatake Kakashi is a teacher from Konoha who teaches the famous 7th member, Naruta, Sakura, and Sasuke.

As someone who strong and gains so much popularity, you must be want to cosplaying him, right? That’s why we try to cover up and give you recommendation.

Basically, Hatake Kakashi is wearing the vest just like the other Jounin class ninja from Konoha.

Hatake Kakashi

However, it’s not only that. Because My Anime Merch will also cover up the other costumes that have great rating on Amazon. We also have the other Naruto stuffs in Naruto Shippuden merchandise page. Make sure you check them out.

Make sure you get the costume, no matter for cosplay or regular use purpose.


Main Costumes

Kakashi Hatake is wearing several costumes in the series. Make sure you choose which version you want.

One Set Full Outfit Costume

Don’t bother yourself by buying kakashi costume and accessories separately. 

If you buy from this seller, you will get in one package, without doing an extra efforts.

The package is a full set 14 pieces includes T shirt, vest, oak trousers, Wig, bitter package, white big bitter, 3 pieces of red small bitter, accessories, white bandage, black and white endurance bag, leaf gloves, Kakashi mask, Headband, and black Ninja shoes.

It comes with the full costume kunai and throwing star. You can tell its a excellent quality made cosplay. Definitely worth the price you spend on it!

Anbu Black Ops Costume

Anbu is a Special Ninja soldier, and of course, Hatake Kakashi is one of the members from Konoha.

If you want to be Anbu from Konoha, then get this Kakashi costume would a great choice for you!

The Anbu costume is made of high quality material using imitation leather, spandex and a handmade. 

The package includes T-shirt, vest, elastic pants, 2 pieces armor and gloves each.

The costume will make your Kakashi cosplay looks great!

Military Jacket / Vest Costume

If you buy the first list, you should take all of them. Which means that the costume can not be bought separately.

But if you want to buy only the jacket or vest, then we provide you with this item. 

The vest is made of cotton, comfortable and soft material for skin.

The interesting thing is, the vest can be used for other characters with the same level as Kakashi, because basicly this vest likes the formal uniform for Konoha Ninja’s Jounin level.

Let’s get this item right away! And you can be Kakashi or Ninja Jounin level.



Accessories include wig and gloves. We tried to find Icha-icha Paradise book but there’s no great stuff on Amazon. We found one, but it’s maybe not a best. If you want to take a look, here.

Also, to get the headband and kunai, you can check them out in Naruto Shippuden cosplay costume page.

Wig Cosplay

You already owned the costume but still have no the wig? Well, you can’t be 100% Kakashi in the cosplay event. Don’t even try to forget about this white-colored wig.

Kakashi hair wig has length around 35 cm or 14 inch. The color, sure, it’s silver-white just like Kakashi in the Naruto series.

It is made of high temperature synthetic fiber material. You can also will get free cap.

However, despite the pictures is showed with the headband, this item doesn’t include it. Even some buyers got it, they don’t feel satisfied. It’s better if you buy the headband separately.

It looks great, and yes it needs just a little styling to look perfect, but that’s not a problem. It’s made with good material and looks great. 

Gloves Cosplay

Kakashi Hatake is wearing gloves, right? So don’t ever miss this accessories for your additional cosplay stuffs.

Please note that these gloves are big enough, so you have to be ready if you have small hands.

But in the term of quality, it’s awesome.

Kakashi Hatake Shoes

The other stuff you can choose to complete your cosplay as Kakashi sensei is this shoes. Basically, it is a ninja shoes that we have listed up in the Naruto Shippuden merchandise list.

All ninja in Naruto series are wearing the same shoes, so this shoes is very recommended for you!

Mask and Headband

Kakashi without mask? C’mon, that’s not Kakashi anymore, despite Kakashi has revealed has face up, you can’t go cosplay without it.

This item include mask and headband, to make sure you become real Kakashi!

The mask is made of super soft fabric, comfortable and breathable to wear, so elastic for adjust, and suit for both adults and kids.

If you are looking for a very cheap way to finish off your Kakashi costume, then grab this combo stuff! You don’t have to buy the mask and headband separately.



Get the casual jacket for daily use!

Hoodie Jacket

Kakashi military costume hoodie, this jacket could be used on your regular, not as cosplay. But it still fits if you want to wear it in the cosplay event. 

The costume is made of 60% of cotton and 40% of polyester, with zipper closure. You can use machine wash with cold water and tumble dry low. But don’t try to use bleach and iron.

Plus point, it is officially licensed product of Naruto merchandise.

This thing is well made, not thin, colorfast, and the emblems are secure. The zipper works great, and the two-tone/psuedo-vest apperance of it is very forthcoming.

It’s light weight but not super thin. The patches and pockets are superb. It’s soft and warm.