Hatake Kakashi Action Figure: Greatest Toy List on Amazon

Hatake Kakashi is one of supporting characters from Naruto series. He has become one of the most important characters.

It’s because Kakashi had become the 7th team of Ninja that consists of main characters, including Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.

He has laid-back attitude, but can be serious when he is needed. He also been called the genius since childhood and has great ability in combat and brain.

Hatake Kakashi

Because of this, Hatake Kakashi gains so much popularity that makes him receive several action figures version.

If you are a Kakashi lover, then make sure you get these figure as soon as possible. Don’t forget to see Naruto Shippuden merchandise as well.

From My Anime Merch, here are the greatest list of Kakashi Hatake action figure sold on Amazon. 


Nendoroid Chibi

Let’s start with the chibi version action figure of Kakashi Hatake Nendoroid.

From the Good Smile, this Hatake Kakashi nendoroid comes with two different face parts.

Lightning blade effect parts for action scenes, and a book titled “ichi-ichi paradise” are included.

Lots of detail an very cool accessories! (Kunai, books, chidori effect).

It came brand new, in the original box with all of the correct parts.

Would happily recommend this to kakashi and naruto series fans.

Bandai SH Figuarts

Now it’s time from Bandai Tamashii Nation. This figuart is Hatake Kakashi, not Kamen Rider Black. If you read the description in the Amazon, it seems someone made a mistake when write the description.

But ironically, the product has become one of the greatest Kakashi Hatake action figure in the Amazon, when seeing into its review.

Kakashi Hatake stands around 5 inches tall in this figure.


The articulation on it is beast and the heads are perfect, it’s great if you are a fan of the show,manga,if you want to display it, or if you want to take pictures!

Overall I’d say this is the absolute best figure I own. I’d reccomend it to anyone who has a heart.

Banpresto Grandista

Banpresto Naruto Shippuden: Hatake Kakashi Shinobi Relations Grandista PVC Figure.

The figure is an officially licensed action figure and comes with the stand.

This time, Kakashi Hatake stands around 12 inches in this Banpresto version. 

This line of figures has very exceptional quality. The shining jacket looks weathered and realistic, painting is on point, and he looks real badass. 

For the price I haven’t found anything that really compares.

Well made. Perfect details. Great coloring. Big figure. you will super surprise!

Very recommended for any Kakashi fans with average budget.

Megahouse GEM

GEM Series Naruto-naruto Shippuden Hatake Kakashi Version 2.

From the Megahouse, Kakashi Hatake comes in GEM Series with very cool appearance and pose.

He has 2 heads, with and without the headband. His vest is separate from his body, so you can display him with or without it and Pakkun is also a separate figure that you perch on his shoulder. 

Like a true GEM series figure the detailing and paint job on him is excellent. And yes you will get him shipped from Japan.

It is the best Kakashi figure in the market. The details are pretty nice. The ninja dog is awesome!!!

Megahouse Statue

Naruto Shippuden MegaHouse Deluxe 9 Inch PVC G.E.M. Series Statue Kakashi Hatake.

This 1/8 Scale Kakashi figure stands 9.5 inches tall and comes packaged in a window box. 

It also includes 2 pairs of interchangeable hands, as well as 2 interchangeable heads.

If you are a fan of Kakashi Hatake and collecting the action figure from Megahouse, then this figure will fit for you!

It’s also be a great gift for any Naruto series fans, especially Kakashi, because it has a cheaper price than the above one. 

For the Megahouse price, this Kakashi Hatake action figure is recommended for you!

Funko Pop Lightning Blade

For the funko pop fans, this Kakashi chibi figure would be another collection for you! However, this item doesn’t include the sticker and doesn’t glow in the dark.

But still, it would be the best Kakashi funko pop in the Amazon.

Many customers feel happy that the item came in perfect condition.

I’ve said that this item doesn’t include the sticker, but you still have a chance to get hot topic sticker on it, just the other buyers did.

Shinobi Relations PVC

Kakashi Shinobi Relations Series 4 by Banpresto, has the realistic detailing and painting. 

The figure is made of PVC and stands approximately around 6 inches.

If you hesitate because of the stock photo, you don’t have to worry about it. 

Because the actual, it looks amazing in person. It is great quality for your collection.


Pikachu Cosplays

Do you like Pikachu from Pokemon and Kakashi from Naruto series at the same time, then this Pikachu-cosplaying-kakashi figure would be a great collection for you. 

It has around 10 cm and exclusively manufactured by ML Warehouse.

Pikachu is exactly as described and perfect for a comic book and anime nerd.

It’s gonna be looks great on your shelf along with the other action figure you have right no!


Kakashi Sensei & Pakkun

Another chibi figure, this time from Megahouse. This is chimimega bank includes with the ninja dog, Pakkun.

This item is a Megahouse import, made of soft vinyl bank, and stands approximately 6 inches high.

The quality is excellent and the paint job is done very well. I love that it is not made of ceramic or something else so it won’t break if you drop it.

Overall excellent piece for any fan of Naruto or Kakashi sensei.

Series 1

Toynami is proud to announce the first series in the Naruto Poseable action figures! You can choose from three of your favorite characters: Naruto, Kakashi and Itachi (sold separately). Each figure is fully articulated and features accessories and display stands!

This figure have switchable heads and hands. One head showing sharingan, while the hands making ninjutsu signs. So, you can remove the hands as well because the figurine comes with different poses.

The paint is very nicely and detail is good.

He has a few hands the kunai knife hands plane hands and one hand holds the book. He comes with a extra head the headband is up to shows the sharingan.

His arms and head are ball jointed. You can remove all this. The hands are very movable and it comes with a stand. His torso is movable.

His hands come with left and right jutsu, left and right hands holding kunai, and 2 open hands. The open hands are in the manner that look like he is doing chidori so you can pose kakashi doing chidori.

Variable Action Heroes DX

Kakashi Variable Action Heroes DX figure is imported by Megahouse. It features a wide range of motion and numerous accessories, including the effect parts for his Raikiri (Thunder cut) technique.

This item does come brand new in it’s box. The item is genuine; The seller is an officially licensed distributor of Megahouse products.

This figure is just simply awesome, posing this is fun, the accesories are awesome, the lightning blad effect looks good but is wonky to put on, but the variety of faces and hands are amazing.

Zabuza Sword Ninkai Taisen

Kakashi GEM Ninkai Taisen version figure is also imported by Megahouse.

You can use the optional faceplate to change regular Kakashi into Mangekyou Sharingan version.

The figure stands about 5 inches and includes the display base.

Great detail, the material is really well done and super cool to show off!

Kakashi Hatake Anbu

Kakashi Hatake in anbu version. He si really well made and totally beautiful, you will be glad to purchase it. 

But you may find some issues like have a problems with attaching the head to the scarf, and you may feel scare the anbu mask would break off if you put ot much presser on it. But it’s totally fine if you have a brave to do it.

The figure includes two different heads to choose, and the scarf and the chest piece are removable.

If you love Kakashi, then this figure is recommended to you!

Figure Set

A special Kakashi-themed petit chara land, features 5 variations of Kakahis! Great collection for any the genius copy-ninja fans out there!

The package includes 5 variations of Kakashi plus 1 cute sleeping Naruto with Kakashi plush besides him. There is also a bonus, that’s Minato’s kunai.

My favorite pieces are Naruto sleeping with Kakashi’s plush next to him, and Kakashi sleeping with his house plant.

But overall, they are too cute to be said in words. It’s a very recommended product!

Pop Vinyl Figure

Hatake Kakashi in chibi mode by Funko Pop, it’s vinyl and would be a great gift for your children or friend who love Naruto so much. 

The quality is superb and it has great presentation. This item can be a very amazing purchase.

Hokage Figure

The custom handmade of Kakashi Hatake in hokage version, include the robe and hat from SH Figuarts! The wired robe allows for dynamic and floating action poses! 

The fabric material is so soft, so doesn’t hinder the articulation for the action figure.

The scaling on this is 1/12 scale, suitable for SH Figuarts 6″ action figure. It has great accessories and made of durable material.

Susanoo Figure

Do you ever imagined that how if Hatake Kakashi can show his Susanoo and turned into action figure? Now this highly detailed statue of Hatake Kakashi with Susanoo is available for you! The product bears official Bluefin Distribution logo!

The figure is standing around 10 inches tall, which is reasonably tall.

The figure itself is very stunning! Susanoo is a gorgeous shade of blue that looks awesome in and out of lighting.

It could be a great statue for Naruto and Kakashi fans, cause it brightens up your room!

Chidori / Raikiri Figure

Kakashi Hatake while releasing his Raikiri or Chidori jutsu, is an official product by Banpresto / Little Buddy. It is so cute and collectible, great for gift! Make sure you get this Hatake Kakashi raikiri as soon as possible because it is limited availability.

The figure is so detailed, and look to be a great quality. I personally lvoe the sculpting and paint job.

The pieces fit together snugly, which make me feel that the figure has great structural integrity.

Dogs Figure

Hatake Kakashi with his companion, the dog platoon of Kuchiyose no Jutsu, is imported action figure with size around 11 cm. The material is using PVC.