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Hakuouki Merchandise Review – 22 Recommended Stuffs

how many seasons of Hakuouki are there? Before I answer that, let me explain that this post is product list of Hakuouki merchandise for any fans!

As a fan, you may love Hakuouki and want to know how many seasons the anime runs and need the merchandise at the same time.

Well, Hakuouki has 3 seasons of story line, but it also has several side and alternative stories.

hakuouki merchandise

Today, My Anime Merch will cover up Hakuouki Merchandise, recommended list from Amazon.

If To Love Ru is about harem world for boy, Hakuouki is a harem shoujo type anime.

Blu Ray

Hakuouki has several seasons including with the side and alternative stories.

The story starting from Hakuouki Reimeiroku, Hakuouki, and Hakuouki Hekketsuroku.

While in this section, we cover up the blu-ray from those series plus with the video games. 

There are also several merchandise you can own as a real fans!

Dawn of the Shinsengumi Blu-ray Complete

Despite it is called the season 3 because of the airing time in Japan, but this series actually serves as the prequel of season 1 and 2.

This season introduces all the characters of the Shinsengumi, and certain events make a lot more sense after watching the prequel, such as certain character’s backstories. 

The season takes place before the Shinsengumi is even formed, and it primarily focuses on a young man named Ibuki Ryunosuke and his not so nice master, Serizawa Kamo. 

Serizawa saves Ryunosuke, but is then forced into servitude for a cruel and merciless master. However, Serizawa may have his reasons and may just be a misunderstood character or he may be a total jerk; its up to the viewer to decide.

This series is based off a video game dating simulation series for girls. This season does not give that vibe to viewer as much as the other two seasons because the main character is male, and thus the anime creators did not try to set him up with other characters on a date or something. 

However, in the other seasons, the main character is a girl surrounded by a bunch of very attractive men, and there were definitely scenes where she felt like she was getting set up for a certain character at times. 

It is true that this season has less big fight scenes like the other two seasons, but this season sets the groundwork for the rest of the series, despite this being the last season to be produced.

Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Blu-ray

This series is a sequel of the above, but people called it as first season.

What is not to love about the amazing otome game getting turned into an anime series? It’s exquisite and fills in some interesting details and just wonderful.

Good English dubbed or subtitled play is fine, and while sometimes you wonder if you walked into a somewhat skewed history lesson, it is very entertaining.

Record of the Jade Blood Blu-ray

The second seasons or the sequel from the above.

Just like the prequel, this series is still about one girl surrounded by pretty boys. Anime boys everywhere.

Didn’t get enough of the Shinsengumi. So miss it that I’ve been looking for more Anime like it. Would love to see more like this in the world of Anime.

This was not only a strong followup to season one, it actually begins to show itself as more complete and more fluid in storytelling. The really strong aspect is how well all of the segments work together, and the story progresses very well.

Wild Dance of Kyoto Blu-ray

This is the alternative version I’m talking about. But the story is not as long as the above, because it is only a 95 minutes movie.

Action sequences are beautifully choreographed. I loved the characterizations they ran with. The demonic transformations were a spectacular addition. 

This is a fun action movie, but one has to take into consideration that due to the length of the film they could only include so much storyline and historical events.

Usually whenever I see an animated sword fight, it’s kinda choppy, the scenes in this movie were smooth and kept me on the edge of my seat. Exciting story and beautiful art!

Video Games

Memories of the Shinsengumi Nintendo 3DS Game

A wonderful visual novel/dating sim adventure that is emotional in ways that aren’t just cliche romantic quirks. 

You become attached to everyone, whether you are aiming to win their love or not. There’s nothing mushy about this game – it addresses the serious historical issue of modern times taking over the samurai traditions of Japan from the view of a girl who lives with the Shinsengumi, a historical group of Japan. 

Real characters, real events, and real emotional heartache and joy all wrapped up in one amazing game.

If you’re a dating sim (otome game) or visual novel fan, you have to give Hakuouki a try. You truly will love it.

Story of the Shinsengumi PS3 Game Limited Edition

This is really bishounen eye candy or reverse-harems but we like what we like. This is a really pretty box set and the curios are adorable (not usable but cute for collecting). Some of the curios become more relevant when you’ve played the side quests.

The items that are within the box are pretty good, the comb is nice, made with some decent material.

This game could be your new obsession. The fact that they kept the Japanese voice actors is great. The art for the game is gorgeous.

Urakata Hakuouki PSP Game Limited Edition

dramatic adventure set in the tumultuous era; where things are picking up after the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate. 

This game is an expansion of the original with newly created characters not resident to the original Hakuouki characters that we are familiar with.

SSL: Sweet School Life PS Vita Game

There are no awful bad endings, either! Normal, but not bad. I love that once you beat all the mini-games you can buy a skip ticket, and never do them again! 

This is a big deal toward the end of the route. Especially if you are learning Japanese. I wish that this was available in English, though, so the fans who can’t speak Japanese can enjoy it as well.

Kyoto Winds PS Vita Game

This is a really good game and introduces lots of new routes for characters that weren’t available in previous games. 

This is still based on the previous Hakuoki games though so the base story line is the same. 

It could be due to all the new routes but the story itself is also only the first half of the original story.

The new characters and routes and speaking animation do make this worthwhile if you’ve already played a previous version of the game.

Edo Blossoms Playstation Vita Game

The product itself works perfectly as it should, no problems there! As usual, the voices are in Japanese (and sound great) with subtitles in English. Also worth mentioning is that the cover on the case is actually reversible (and beautiful).

So glad to see a physical copy of this directly from Amazon! Brand new and sealed!

A must have for any Hakuouki fan, especially if you got Kyoto Winds. The new characters are well written and the old ones are much more fleshed out. Even the lore is a bit more fleshed out in this version.


Shinsengumi Kitan Illustration Art Book

It’s hardcover, which was unexpected, but I’m actually really glad about that. 

The book itself isn’t thick or lengthy by any means, and contains a number of screenshots from the game, but is definitely a beautiful art book to have. 

It also contains sketches of characters, and information regarding routes you can take in the game. 

If you enjoy the art from Hakuouki, this is definitely something worth buying ^_^

Official Complete Works

This is amazing! The artwork is absolutely beautiful and the cover photos are perfect. And I find the price to, definitely, be worth it. 

It includes two books, and is in Japanese. If you enjoy the mobile game, it’s filled with art from it. 

It also includes character references, as well as a variety of beautiful art from various characters. A necessary for your collection if you enjoy the art.

Action Figures

Another great merchandises are include action figures and nendoroids.

Saitou Hajime Action Figure

This figurine looks amazing in person, as do most ARTFX figures. It is worth the expense because I’ve seen several figurines that are cheaper in cost, but the paint jobs are terrible, they look like garbage up close, and they’re too small. 

The scale of this figure is large enough to aptly show all the details that make it great (highlights in the hair, movement in the haori, etc.). 


Harada Sanosuke Action Figure

From Movic, comes Harada Sanosuke action figure with 1/10 scale. 

He’s holding the spear, the pose that ready to fight with the enemies.

The size itself is not too big or too tiny. It would be great for any Hakuouki lovers, both games and anime.

With the perfect detail and perfect size, this figure would be a perfect collection for any Harada Sanosuko lovers.

Okita Souji Action Figure

First off I want to say that I got this figure at a fantastic price compared to other sites.

Secondly, the detail and paint job on Souji is wonderful. You will love this figure so much! 

Well worth the purchase for Hakuouki fans.

Toudou Heisuke Action Figure

This figure is awesome. His face does look a bit weird from certain angles but that’s because his mouth is open. 

The action pose he’s in is very cool and the paint job is excellent. 

The detail is perfect, and I love the stand with the “mid-air” pose.

If you want this figure, get it! You won’t be disappointed.

Kazama Chikage Action Figure

This is hands down a great figure! It’s nicely made and very detailed, definitely worth the price. 

However, it’s important to know that the base and the chair do not connect. It’s nothing bad, you just place him wherever you want. 

He also doesn’t connect to the chair so you have to make sure to place him properly or he’ll slide. 

Overall he’s perfect, so in love!

Okita Souji Mini Figure

It comes in a box, perfectly sealed and everything.

It’s actually pretty big, about the size of a can of soda (the box I mean). 

Souji here is adorable. I love him and his little Cheshire grin. Stand works well, figure is well detailed and the platform holds up. Very good buy.

Cosplay Costume

The Hakuouki costume for cosplay is mostly using the Kimono, but with different colors based on the characters themselves.

Toshizou Hijikata Kimono

Toshizou Hijikata is using the purple kimono. The costume set includes kimono, over kimono, hakama pants, and belt.

Made of a nice material that holds it’s design well. Breathes reasonably.

Yukimura Chizuru Pink Kimono

While our main heroine, Yukimura Chizuru, is wearing the pink-colored kimono.

Love how it looks good and not cheap. Fits wonderfully and most of all looks amazing.

Any cosplayers should definitely try here for their cosplays.

Saitou Hajime Blue Kimono

And Saitou Hajime is wearing the blue-colored kimono.

But unluckily, it’s different with the two above, this set only includes the kimono and headbands.

The Hakama pants doesn’t include in the package.

But it’s great and is not too hot. Try to wear this and it will feel comfortable.

Other Merch

Kazama Chikage Pentel Brush Pen

The great merchandise for any Hakuouki lovers, especially if you love Kazama Chikage.

The pen itself is rear shaft with ABS clip material. Nylon processing clip.

Pentel is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells Stationery and office supplies (art materials, writing instruments, etc.). 

For over 70 years, Pentel has supplied the world with the highest quality products. Pentel is the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming Award for recognition of the highest standard of quality.