Greatest Action Figure List for Gintama Lovers

How Gintama will end? Since the series is the most absurb out there, let’s don’t assume it will end with serious chapter. But today we won’t talk about the series, we want to give a list of Gintama action figures instead.

In the previous post, we published the the most recommended Gintama merchandise for any fans.

So this time, My Anime Merch will also give you the greatest list of Gintama action figure based on its characters.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Gintama merchandise

Gintama Action Figures List

The list includes from our main character Sakata Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura, to the other additional characters.

Petit Chara Land

Gintoki and Hijikata in a cat form? Why not? In this petit chara land figure, not only they look like a cute cat, but they are in a chibi version of action figures.

These figures are imported by Megahouse. Two pack includes both good and bad fortune, which is shown by snug Gintoki and angry Hijikata.

If you have a friend that is in love with Gintama, this is the go to gift.

Sakata Gintoki Action Figure

First off, let’s take a look to our main character of the series, Sakata Gintoki. This figure is officially licensed product by Banpresto. 

Please note that this figure requires minor assembly. But it’s not hard at all! You can also use it as a great gift for any Gintama fans.

Absolutely awesome Gintoki figure! The detail is amazing – from the muscles & veins on his arms to the symbols for Lake Toya on the hilt. His facial expression is perfect, too. 

The only disappointment I had was an odd discoloration on top of his head, which you can see in one of the pictures. 

But the perfection of the rest of him is such that I can get past it, and just pretend Gin got something in his hair, which wouldn’t be surprising, anyway

Excellent representation of Gintoki. His expression captures his casual/lazy heroism. His hair, boots, and clothing are all excellent, especially how they sculpted all the folds.

Not enough? Here the awesome list of Sakata Gintoki action figure.

Hijikata Toushirou Action Figure

Looking super cool in statue form, comes Hijikata Toshiro from the popular comedic anime Gintama. Toshiro appears in familiar black attire highlighted with gold metallic and a billowing jacket that add a sense of authority.

It said that this is the very first production of Hijikata Toushirou figure, so it comes with the special bonus.

The base is also included! This figure have very high Quality, and it is worth for its price.

Kagura Action Figure

One of the main heroines from the Gintama series, this Kagura figure is imported by Megahouse. The figure itself is stand around 8 inch tall. 

Kagura action figure includes alternate expressions. You can also pose her with the parasol and candy bar.

Kagura figure is marvelously sculpted. For any collectors and Gintama fans, it’s a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Kamui Action Figure

Kumai G.E.M. PVC Figure sculpts Kamui as a 9″ tall figure that comes with his umbrella and a large, flowing cloak, both of which can be removed. 

Plus, the figure comes with two faces so collectors can change his expression.

The figure itselfcomes with 3 different expressions. Cloak is detachable. 

The only issue is his umbrella is a bit heavy so it needs a bit adjusting but other than that, this figure is amazing.

A must buy for any Gintama/Kamui fans out there! 100% authentic!

Shimura Shinpachi Action Figure

Officially licensed by Banpresto, this Shimura Shinpachi action figure is very limited and collectible. 

Really good figure for a really good price, also the figure is in 3 parts, so you need to assemble it, as easy as breath.


Okita Sougo Action Figure

An import from Megahouse, Okita Sougo action figure includes additional face expressions and arm parts.

His dynamic pose compliments the expression on his face. You can also switch out some parts and he comes with an additional head.

Kotaro Katsura Action Figure

An import from Megahouse, this Kotaro Katsura action figure is newly reissued for the North American market. He stands just over 8,5 inch tall.


Tsukuyo Action Figure

From Mega House. Measuring just under 6″ in height, Tsukuyo strikes a relaxed position in a kimono, fishnet stockings and boots!

G.E.M. PVC figures rarely disappoint and this is absolutely worth the money. Tsukuyo is a terrific figure. 

She comes with a few accessories and though I had problems using her second face, it is still one of my best purchases. 

The painting looks great and I didn’t notice any faults. She’s a good size, though her base is quite large. 

She looks great on display and goes well with the other G.E.M. figures, even though not of this specific series. Though she has small parts, she does not feel particularly fragile, however, as with all high-quality figures, a modicum of care is needed. If you’re gentle with her, she is perfect.

Yagyu Kyubei Action Figure

From Megahouse, Kyubei Yagyu is here. Replicated in the costume from “Snack Smile,” the figure is designed gorgeously with girly costumes and hair-style, unlike the usual Hakama. 

The pose which she holds her katana blade with piercing eyes is made perfectly for the genius ever since the Yagyu family is founded. The “Shy Pose” can be recreated by exchanging the upper body parts. At 1/8-scale, Kyubei Yagyu stands 7 1/2″ tall.

Isao Kondo Action Figure

From Banpresto, this Isao Kondo action figure is DXF Craneking 6 inch plastic statue.

The box looks a little rough around the edges, but I’m guessing that it’s because it was in an actual crane game. All in all, he will look great in your collection.

Sakata Kintoki Action Figure

Sakata Kintoki G.E.M. PVC Figure sculpts the protagonist of the series as an 8 1/2″ tall figure at 1/8-scale. The figure can carry either his silver sword or a giant fork draped over his shoulder.

If you feel that he looks like our main character, Sakata Gintoki, yes he is! But he is in gold version, the copy of Gintama.

Sakata Kintoki appears in one of the arcs from the series. He is cool and awesome, so collecting him in the form of action figure would be a great thing you can do!

Takasugi Shinsuke Action Figure

The leader of the extremist the leader of the Kiheitai is captured at rest in this figure measuring approximately 8″ tall.

It was expensive but worth it it. The paint job and the details on the figure are amazing.

I would recommend this to any Gintama fan (especially the Takasugi fans).