14 Top Gokou Ruri Kuroneko Figure to Own

What Kuroneko in English? If you ask me, I’ll answer, the Black Cat. And that’s Gokou Ruri’s surename. And today, we will give you a list of Gokou “Kuroneko” Ruri action figures to collect.

Kuroneko is known for her dark clothing and scarlet eyes. She cosplays daily in gothic lolita clothing similar to those worn on her favorite anime, Maschera.

If you are into this gothic lolita girl, you should be proud to collect these action figures of her. 

My Anime Merch are listing the top figures of Gokou Ruri from Oreimo series sold on Amazon.

gokou ruri kuroneko action figure

Max Factory

First thing first, she is so darn cute. She comes with two little blank pieces that are for the DVD and manga stickers that you put on your self which is not that hard to do. It is in the back side of the packaging so be sure you find it. 

Second, there’s a chair included with a second pair of well. Her legs basically from the waist down for the chair to sit in, you take off her legs to put on the chair ready waist if you will.

See also: Misaka Mikoto figure.


Kuroneko nendoroid comes with: 3 Facial expressions, 2 Sets of legs, 6 Arms, 8 Hands, 2 Headbands, 2 Ribbons for her back, and 1 DVD case.

Quality of this is great, really well made and authentically Japanese which added up to a great product. You can have a lot of fun with these just by changing the pose and the expression.

Sassy expressions and a great paint job, easy to assemble but a little tricky to stand. Art on the book is changeable thanks to high quality stickers. Would recommend to any Kuroneko fan.


Quality is good. The price is acceptable. This Kuroneko is good enough to check it out! Kotobukiya is one of the brand that I choose to buy PVC figures.

In this Kotobukiya version, Kuroneko stands around 180 mm in height. But also please note that this figure is meant for 15 years old or older.

Kotobukiya Sweet Lolita

Adorable, she’s pretty big, which is a good thing. I love this scale. 

I love the way her skirt can come on and off because I do like a bit of tasteful cute panty every once in awhile. 

Her pose is so cute and the detailing is very nice! Pretty basic and straightforward figure and it’s priced very well! 

I really like the brighter outfit on Kuroneko to contrast her usual black loli-goth dress. So cute.

Kotobukiya Ani Statue

This is a really nice PVC statue. I foresee the price of this one to increase in the future when it goes out of production. 

I like how they have captured her in mid-dress. Her little skirt is slightly see through when held up to the light and is also removable. It was a little scary the first time when putting it on though as it was a tight fit. 

Her slippers are also not attached to the base and are nicely detailed. The base is neat and features the same creature that is in the background of the picture that this statue is based on.

 The sculpt of her body has been very well done. There are no imperfections that I can find. 

I love her little belly button. But the thing that I love the most and what really makes her stand out in my opinion is the sweet look on her face. 

I love her big eyes and her rosy little cheeks. She is a very pretty little lady. I recommend a purchase.

Pulchra Resin Cast Statue

This figure, part of Pulchra’s line dedicated to Oreimo characters dressed in bunny suits, is sculpted in a 1/8 scale standing about 8 inches tall and realized in resin and ABS. 

The figurine is quite pricey plus shipping, but damn that detail is nicely done, and yes it is pre-painted. 

If you guys don’t know your measurements, the figurine’s height is about the size of my skinny hands, 5-ish Inch, or a size of a Mcdonald medium cup.

Max Factory Holy Angel Kamineko

For any fan of Oreimo, this is a must have figma of kuroneko, in this case kamineko. Great details overall on the dress, and the usual high quality aspects of figma figures. 

This was a nice figure. She comes with a kamineko face, a normal kuroneko face, eyes closed face and a hair piece that’ll change any face with a mask. 

She stands well, every piece is perfect. The only thing weird to me was how the shoulders sit, but again, this is an older figure. 

she’s very pose-able, comes with a lot of accesories, has a great paint-job and she’s super cute!

Kotobukiya Natsu Komi

Very nice figure, feels very solid. The details are amazing, and the pose is great. She looks a bit small compared to other figures, mostly because she is sitting down. But absolutely worth the money!

Orcatoys Bedroom

From the Orcatoys, this time Gokou Ruri or better known as Kuroneko is in the bedroom version wearing lingerie. 

For the sexiness, you don’t have to hold yourself back to own this figure.

The figure has height around 6 half inches. Well packaged. Perfect condition. No blemishes, scratches or defects. 

Beautiful and highly detailed. Definitely one the top figure and worth every penny.

Good Smile

From Penguin Parade/Good Smile Company. “There is no way my Kuroneko would wear a swimsuit!” From the popular anime series Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai comes a 1/8th scale figure of the otaku girl, Kuroneko! 

Instead of her standard Goth-loli outfit, she has been sculpted in her school uniform! The school uniform can also be removed – and by removing it and swapping some parts you can display her in her school swimsuit instead!.

Sega Shironeko

The Kuroneko figure is great. Its an excellent figure based on the price purchased.You can see the figure is well detailed, from the mole near her eye, to her fingers (that clearly details even her nails) to her dress and hat.

If you look long enough, you’ll see small problems with the quality of her shoes and her feet. But otherwise, excellent figure.

There are no detachable parts, its one whole figure from her head to her feet. You just need to place here in her stand and done.

Freeing Maid

Kuroneko is wearing her maid outfit from the series! She is posed twirling around with with her skirt fluttering around her in a very cute pose. It’s a different side of Kuroneko for fans to enjoy, and is designed to be displayed with the previously announced Kirino Kousaka Maid Ver!

Your figure collection needs more of Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko). And this figure is just beautiful! 

it wasn’t in the product description, but this is a FREEing produced figure, which do amazing work. And it has included parts for the base to connect to the Kirino counterpart figure.

Orcatoys Mizugi

There are lots of version of Kuroneko so far, but it never completed without the summer version in the beach episode, the swimsuit.

Beach episode is a must have for any harem anime, that’s why we also recommend you to own this figure.

From Orcatoys, Kuroneko in mizugi stands around 6 inch tall.

Get this figure today, because she is very beautiful.

Pulchra Bunny White

There is not much to say, kuroneko is beautiful. There is a different bunny version above, but this one is in Shironeko version.

Apparently, Kuroneko has the trademark of black color. But in this version is totally different because she is in white dress color, giving you another vibe and atmosphere.

I know the price may be a little crazy, but actually she worth of the penny. Especially if you are a fan of Kuroneko and the series itself, Oreimo.