Gaara Cosplay Costume -All Outfits on Amazon for Sale

Eyeliner! Yes, the eyeliner! You need that stuffs if you want to cosplay as Gaara, no matter who you are, female or male cosplayer, who care!

In the story, Gaara is actually not wearing eyeliner, it is just an effect because Shuukaku never let him sleep, if not, the Ichibi will take over his body and Gaara will lose control.

Gaara has spiky red hair, which means that you need the red-colored wig with spiky styled, except you choose to become Kazekage in Next Generation version.


Also, Gaara has several version of his style. That’s why My Anime Merch will try to cover them up for you.

We also add another outfits for your regular use.


Naruto Part 1 Costume Version

IN the first series of Naruto, Gaara was wearing this costume. At the time, he was around 12 year old, so this costume would fit for younger cosplayer.

However, because of the design, adults could also wear the costume as well.

Gaara costume itself is a hand made and high quality product. The package include as shown in the picture, except the wig.

The size available starting from XS, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. There’s no M size and you can not ask for custom size.

The shirt is soft and the pants have an elastic waist band. It comes with the tape to wrap your legs with, which was a nice touch.

Kazekage Costume

In the Shippuden series, Gaara has become the Kazekage and wearing this costume. So, the costume will great for teenager and adult cosplayers.

The package of costume includes a overcoat, belt, a jacket and trousers. Despite it has red colored, you can also wash it in the cold water.

It’s different with the costume above, by buying this costume, you can ask for the custom size.

Even though the vest was not as grey as it is in the series, but since Garaa’s eyes are typically blue, it looks good together still.

When it comes to Gaara, you won’t need the headband since Garaa does not wear it in this costume iteration.

Costume is good quality. Pants are decent, not lined though. Jacket is heavy weight and lines and the zipper seems to be good quality. Comes with everything shown besides wig and shoes.

It is a very regal looking costume! Yes if you are a Naruto fan you will not be disappointed with this. Highly recommend.

Gaara Backpack

Despite you wear Gaara costume, but you won’t be real Gaara without this backpack. 

Gaara comes from Sunagakura who has an ability to control the sand, while he put the sand inside this backpack.

The backpack itself is an official product by Great Eastern, and of course, it will be a great main accessories for your cosplay. The strap is adjustable.

If you are still not sure about the shape, first off, the bag will arrive flat, because boxes are square and a gourd is round. It comes flat but you can pack it tight with towels and let stand for a few days to get the shape filled out.

Or, all you need to do is get the area wet, take laundry detergent and rub it into the bag, then rinse it off. Then wash. Do not throw it in the dryer, it’s made of cotton. I

This bag is better quality, looks very nice, good material, and sturdy. It’s made of heavy duty canvas with reinforced stitching. 

The design of the cracks are screened in a way to prevent design cracking over time and wear. The inside of the bag is neatly lined for a nice finished look.

Go grab right now before sold out, since it’s limited availability.