Gaara Action Figure from Naruto – Best List on Amazon

Gaara once become the villain from Naruto series, but later he turns into one of the supporting character for the protagonist.

As a supporting character, Gaara has lots of fans among the anime lovers, especially the Naruto series fans.

Because of that, many collectors also seeking for the action figure that could be displayed on their room.

That’s why, My Anime Merch will cover up the best Gaara action figure on Amazon for you!


The figures themselves are sold in reasonable price and most of them have the great reviews.

Reasonable means that they not too expensive or cheap, because the cheap ones can be a bootleg.


Nendoroid Chibi Minifigure

From Good Smile Company comes a Nendoroid of the Fifth kamikaze, Gaara!

The chibi figure includes iconic sand gourd and sand effect parts. 

Recreate his sand coffin technique with two large sand parts. Clear Sheet featuring his tailed beast, shukaku, is included for display.

Gaara and shikaku bringing a nice figure for you to enjoy. It has your regular nendoroid articulation. It comes with some sand to use like a shield and his back bottle comes with a sand like hand. Its really fun to play with.

The design and quality are top notch! Looks just like the pictures, good build quality.

Sand Coffin Statue Figure

The Sand Coffin of Gaara will make your room cooler than before. The statue figure is made of PVC and it will be a great collection for any Naruto fans.

Please keep in mind that because of the lighting effects, monitor the brightness or contrast settings, and other effects, there will be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual single. 

Because of the type of the figure, it is not suit for children under 8 year old. Which means that this figure only for teenager or adult collectors.

Megahouse GEM Figure

The latest addition to the G.E.M. Naruto Shippuden series is the fifth Kazekage of the Hidden Sand, Gaara!

This Gaara figure in GEM version is a limited edition that’s imported from Japan. It is made of PVC and ABS, and he stands for 5,85 inches or 150 mm tall. 

The large gourd he carries on his back has been sculpted with its texture in tact, together with a sand effect flowing out from the top as he makes use of his powerful techniques.

Grab this limited edition of action figure! It’s also be a great gift for your friends who love anime.

Tamashii Nation Hand Figure

The ever popular S.H.Figuarts Naruto series continues with the long awaited favorite, Gaara.

Gaara is a very clean figure not much on leg movement but that’s also expect from from the show. But seriously this figure is great life like and accessories wonderful dynamic.

The figure is amazing, pricey but you definitely get what you pay for, parts are sturdy and high quality.

You know SHF quality, so this product will meet all your needs, painting, details , accessories, joints. Totally awesome choice.

Amazing details and really great addition for the Naruto s.h. collection

Samurai Figure

Gaara figure in the samurai version by Animewild, this figure would be a great collection for any Naruto and Sengoku Jidai fans.

Gaara samurai figure is an officially licensed product. No matter you are a male or female, you can add this awesome figure as one of your collections.

This figure is fantastic! It may be pricey but it’s worth every penny. As others have stated, the detail and colors are incredible. 

He’s a tiny bit over a foot tall and feels heavy/durable. I love that his hat is removable, and that you can remove the katana from its sheath as well as position it in his hand or take it off. Even the sand platform that he stands on (which is also removable) looks like real sand. If you are a fan and want a really awesome figure then I absolutely recommend this one.

Everything about this is just so beautifully and articulately made. The paint job is spot-on; his hair, and clothing have some lovely gradient shading. Not only is the material PVC, but also has quite a bit of cloth incorporated such as the sandal straps, the belt, and the chin strap.

The actual figure is pretty sturdy and has quite a bit of weight to it. Out of the other six Naruto figures I have – this one definitely trumps all. 

Toynami Figure

Gaara figure of series 2 by Toynami, stands around 6 inches in tall. This Gaara Toynami figure features limited articulation, and includes a display stand.

Please note that this is a fixed pose figure, which means that you can’t move his body. Even so, you still can remove the stand off. 

Superbly detailed and very durable. The one thing I would advise to consider before buying is it’s designed mainly for display rather than play, which is my preference, so naturally I adore him.