Fullmetal Alchemist Merchandise – Blu-ray, Figure, Nendoroid, Costume, and more

The original Fullmetal Alchemist, though well made and very popular, went into a downward spiral as soon as it diverted from the manga storyline and never seemed to recover. 

Are you a fan of this series? Then it’s time for you to get Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise online.

while Brotherhood, shows that instead of trying to add their own story elements when adapting manga/visual novels etc., sometimes anime producers should just sit back and retell the great story that has already been written in the original.

This time, we listed anime merchandise related to Fullmetal Alchemist series!

fullmetal alchemist merchandise
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Blu-ray and CD

Complete Series

If you are a fan you already know and don’t need this review. if you are THINKING of watching this, do it. 

This is NOT brotherhood, it’s a different story, HOWEVER it IS still good. So if you’ve seen brotherhood some things will be rehashed, but the rest of the series will be brand new material for you. 

If you haven’t watched either. WATCH THIS FIRST, you’ll only appreciate Brotherhood more.

As far as a collectors box set goes this probably takes the cake. the box is made of strong sturdy material. The discs come in a well protected case that fit nicely in the box. 

This also comes with and envelope with ten image cards,three large image cards with transmutation seals on them, and a three hundred page art book. 

Over all if your a true FMA fan than this would be something you defiantly want in your collection! (NOTE – THIS IS NOT A BLU-RAY DVD COMBO BOX SET, THIS ONLY CONTAINS BLU-RAY!)

Brotherhood Collection 1

While the title is changed, this is the Fullmetal Alchemist as it was originally intended to be. 

The original show differed from the original story as it was not complete when animation began. 

This story covers some of the first series in the beginning, but soon develops into the story it was meant to be. 

Vastly better in story, character, and conclusion, I cannot recommend this adventure enough.

Brotherhood Collection 2

his anime does an excellent job of balancing two contrasting factors such as silly situations and dead-serious scenarios with ease. 

Further adding entertainment value and breaking some of the more suspenseful situations with some comic-relief. 

Thus, keeping the viewer engaged but also allowing for room to surprise the viewer in ways they may not necessarily expect. All in all, a fantastic anime that should be a must-watch for anime fans alike.

Features: English and Japanese audio, as well as English subs. Includes 31 episodes on 4 Blu-rays with a run-time of about 12 hours. Rated TV-14 for violence and suggestive scenes.

Conqueror of Shamballa

The original Fullmetal Alchemist series did an abnormally good job with a story that deviated from the source. 

Given that the same team was involved in producing the movie, you can only expect a production that’s well-grounded in the series’ lore. 

The story found ways to tie together content that could’ve been its own sequel series.

The only downside is that the animation was weak at times, showing detail that was sometimes inferior to the series.

If you watch the extras, you find out the team was almost always behind schedule and rushed a lot of the film in the last couple months.

There are five features included on this release. The first is “The Making of Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa,” which is a 40-minute documentary. It has Japanese audio with English subtitles, and it includes interviews with the director, you get to see some the drawings and promo items for Fullmetal Alchemist, and there is footage and explanation for the various steps of the production of the film. Overall, I thought this was a rather enjoyable documentary.

The Sacred Star of Milos

This movie is supposed to take place between episodes 20 and 21 in another country of Creta which would be to the west of Amestris of the Brotherhood series, where Ed gains newfound inspiration of returning Alphonse’s original body back. 

In theory the storyline works but the inconsistancy of the movie’s setting may annoy die hard fans, personally I can care less because the timeline DOES have space where the movie CAN actually occur so it does not bother me.

The Extras, are pretty standard from FUNimation, a couple of trailers from up and coming anime series, a couple of web promos and trailers of the movie itself. 

However, they have included a nice 30 min (give or take) making of Sacred Star of Milos featurette with the Directors and producers as well as the original voice actors of the movie. 

It was a nice feature adding a nice in depth look towards the hard work behind the movie including the difficulties of intergrating a movie that would fit in the series canon as well as keeping true to the FMA world that Hiromu Arakawa created. 

It was a nice touch when compared to the awful special features that FUNimation is infamous for. Also included on the first disc is a humorous commentary track from the U.S. cast voicing out their feelings about the dubbing process and overall love for the FMA franchise. 

If you love FMA then buy this movie, there is no reason why an FMA fan would not like this movie.

Soundtrack CD

Amazing! Really love the music. Audio Quality is super high (16bit, 44.1 kHz).

A show is only as good as it’s soundtrack. This being one of the best anime out there, you can be assured the soundtrack is fantastic.

I am a massive fan of this show and all three soundtracks are a great reflection of the awesomeness that is this show.

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Books and Manga

Complete Manga Box Set

This best selling series is now available in a complete box set! Includes volumes 1-27, plus extras such as Fullmetal Alchemist Novel: The Ties That Bind and a full-color, two-sided poster. Over a 20% savings over buying the individual volumes!

The volumes themselves are absolutely beautiful. The manga collector side of my brain basically had an orgasm because there’s nothing better than seeing an entire series lined up like this. The volumes didn’t have any damage whatsoever and were in amazing quality. I took each of them out to admire the covers and they all looked great.

Complete Art Book

This massive hardcover collection contains all the Fullmetal Alchemist color artwork by manga artist Hiromu Arakawa from 2001 to 2017, including the series’ entire run and beyond! 

The Complete Art of Fullmetal Alchemist contains over 280 pages of gorgeous full-color illustrations, including all the original chapter title pages, the graphic novel covers for the single-volume and collected editions, portraits of the main characters, and promotional artwork. 

Includes an exclusive interview and a special step-by-step illustration creation discussion with Hiromu Arakawa.

Just like I said in the title, this book is simply gorgeous. The artwork already speaks for itself but I’m even more impressed by the quality of the book. 

The binding holds up great and the paper stock is nice and thick with a slight gloss finish. If you’re a fan of the manga or anime, you will love this book. 

Even if you’re not a fan or are unfamiliar with Fullmetal alchemist, you will still love this book. Hiromu Arakawa’s Art is fantastic.

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Cosplay Costumes

Edward Elric Cosplay Costume

Great costume for someone who want to perform cosplay as Edward Elric. It is made of 35% polyester and 65% cotton. It is an imported and made in China. 

You can also wash it in cold water. There are several sizes you can choose, starting from S, M, L, to XL.

The packages include a red cloak with fullmetal logo, a top black shirt, a black sleveless inner shirt, pants, and gloves.

For more stuffs, please visit Edward Elric cosplay costume.

Roy Mustang Cosplay Costume

The Military Uniform outfit for anyone who want to perform cosplay as Roy Mustang. It is made of 35% polyester and the package includes jacket, trousers, waist cape, gloves, and badges. 

The fabric of the uniform is of great quality, thick, soft and breathable. Perfect for Halloween, cosplay, parties, comic cons, etc.

The blue jacket features silver trim on the collar, sleeves, across the chest and across the back.

The shoulder cord passes from the front, across the arm, to the back of the jacket, giving the military feel.

To complete your cosplay, please visit Roy Mustang cosplay stuffs.

Riza Hawkeye Cosplay Costume

Basically, Riza Hawkeye costume has the same design as Roy Mustang since they are in the same military group. But you need to choose different costume because it is designed for female.

It is also made of 35% polyester. The package includes jacket, pants, and train. Please note that wig and shoes are not included.

Royal blue jacket with silver trim on the collar, sleeves, across the chest and across the back.

The train is also royal blue with silver trim and embellishments. The cuts in the back for easy movement.

The shoulders are gold and blue and a gold cord passes from the front of the jacket, under the arm to the back, giving the military feel.

To complete the look, the comfy pants match the rest of the uniform’s color and are baggy just like the real character’s pants, giving the perfect detail to the cosplay costume.

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Action Figures

Edward Elric

It’s an amazing statue, so detailed and well crafted even in the base it comes with! It’s absolutely recommended for any fan of the awesome manga that is Fullmetal Alchemist.

Flawless. Not even any flaws in the paint. Looks incredible, detail is incredible. Comes with a good amount of interchangeable parts. Overall just a fantastic figure.

For more selection, please visit Edward Elric action figure.


Alphonse Elric Action Figure

Definitely recommended for anyone who likes FMA or just collecting Revoltech figures.

This figure is absolutely amazing in my opinion, it’s fairly larger than some older revoltech yamaguchi figures and the joints are less visible, which is perfect to display it. 

All the pieces fit perfectly and are easily exchangeable. Although you can the stand that comes with it, you can also just pose it without it if you get it in the right position. 

I’ve read that some people has taken issue with the back of the breech cloth being jointed but it helps improve mobility. 

Also, another issue people have: the color. It’s not gunmetal as in the anime, I’ll give you that. Still it’s pretty close so that most people won’t notice the difference or rather won’t care about it. 

The spikes around the elbows and above the feet as well as the horn are pointy and it gives it that much more feeling of being almost the real deal, but be careful if children are going to handle it.

For more action figures, please visit Alphonse Elric action figure.

Winry Rockbell Funko Pop

From Full Metal Alchemist, Winry , as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko!

Stylized collectable stands 3 ¾ inches tall, perfect for any full metal Alchemist fan!

Collect and display all full metal Alchemist figures from Funko!

Funko pop! is the 2017 toy of the year and people’s choice award winner

Roy Mustang Action Figure

For starters, this is not your average action figure. I would strongly advise against rough use by a child. 

This figure is more for posing and display purposes. Or for very light play, I suppose. Having this guy in my hands really brought out the kid in me, and I won’t say that I didn’t play with a little. 

Mustang is built with all the details of his uniform from the anime/manga and looks very real. Nearly every joint is moveable: neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, knees, waist, hips, knees, feet, and possibly some others that I can’t remember.

This is a very detailed action figure, but don’t be too rough with it. It also isn’t very cheap, but for the level detail and articulation you get, it’s worth it. 

If you do a quick search for older high grade play arts figures which are no longer manufactured, they all sell for very high amounts. I’m not guaranteeing it, but due to the limited quantity produced, the price of this figure may go up in the future (the Ed and Al ones are already considerably more expensive, despite originally costing the same amount).

For more figurine, please visit Roy Mustang action figure.

Alex Amstrong Funkok Pop

This figure is a very neat representation of Alex Armstrong, bigger even than Alphonse’s armour. 

It stands taller than all the Pops in the FmA series and it is the heaviest. The head and the torso have glitter all over them, making the skin sparkle, just like in the manga and the anime.

The body is out if proportion, making the figure resemble an overgrown giant, with big head and exaggerated arms. 

The feet are huge, compared to those of the other characters, this Pop literally taking up more space than any of them.

The skin has a rough texture from the glitter, only to bring the sparkly effect out. The moustache and Armstrong curl are the perfect blonde colour and the skin is not too dark, like some Pops happen to have.

The gloves have little spikes that are not very sharp, but they can cause a dent in the figure’s chin if they are pressed together too hard.

The sculpt is very good, detailed and well coloured. There is little to say about the cons of this figure, because they can be turned into something funny very easily. As to say, this is an awesome Pop, well made and a great addition to anyone’s display!

fullmetal alchemist logo


Edward Elric Nendoroid

Edward Elric comes with three different face plates including his standard grinning smile, a tough-looking serious expression as well as an angry expression perfect for when anyone calls him short! 

He has specially articulated arm parts that allow him to be displayed with his hands together in his classic alchemy pose, and he also comes complete with parts to display his auto mail right arm revealed, along with parts to switch it out into a blade. 

He also comes with alchemy effect parts, a wall part being transmuted out of the ground and a special lower body part that allows him to be displayed crouching down. 

Enjoy the adorable Nendoroid Edward in your collection! Nendoroid Alphonse Elric will also be available for preorder soon, so be sure to display the brothers together!

For more toys, please visit Edward Elric merchandise.

Alphonse Elric Nendoroid

The metallic appearance of the suit of armor that harbours his soul has been carefully sculpted and fitted with joints for all sorts of different display possibilities. 

Al comes with three different face plates including a standard face plate with articulated eyes that can look in different directions, as well as both flustered and relaxed CHIBI-STYLE expressions. 

As he is also known as a cat-lover, the Nendoroid comes complete with two different cats to display around him, and the chest plate of his armor can also be removed to display the cat laying inside his armor! 

Be sure to display him with the previously announced Nendoroid Edward electric and enjoy the Company of the electric brothers in your collection!.

For more item, please visit Alphonse Elric merchandise.

Roy Mustang Nendoroid

Roy Mustang comes with three face plates including a standard face with a fearless smile, a serious expression with sharp eyes as well as a more playful smiling face for when he belittles Edward. 

His arms are articulated allowing for various different poses, and even in Nendoroid size the transmutation circles on his gloves have been carefully detailed. 

Flame effect parts to capture his classic finger snap pose are of course included, as well as a line of fire which can be placed on the ground in front of him. 

The black coat he wears on his shoulders is also included allowing for even more magnificent poses! Be sure to display him together with the previously announced Nendoroid Edward Eric and Nendoroid Alphonse Eric!.

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Riza Hawkeye Nendoroid

Riza Hawkeye comes with three face plates including a composed standard expression, a gentle smiling expression and a dumbfounded expression, sighing at the occasional incompetence of her superior. 

She comes with articulated arm parts that allow her to be displayed in her iconic saluting pose, as well as two military pistols and a rifle. 

Enjoy all sorts of scenes in Nendoroid size: from the cool and composed lieutenant Hawkeye, to the gentle lieutenant playing with Black Hayate! Also be sure to display her together with the previously announced Nendoroid Roy Mustang!.