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Finest Merchandise for Fairy Tail Fans

How many episodes of fairy tail are there? To answer that, you must know that there are 3 seasons of Fairy Tail. Are a huge fan? Then you don’t want to miss Fairy Tail merchandise we listed here.

Back to the question, how many episodes? First season, it runs 175 episodes. Second season runs for 102 episodes. While the Final series is 51 episodes. So, in total… 328 episodes. It’s not include the OVA and side stories.

This time, My Anime Merch listed the finest Fairy Tail merchandise sold on Amazon. You can also check Naruto Shippuden merchandise here.

We review every one of them in detail.

fairy tail merchandise
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First merchandise we want to recommend are the media. They include Blu-ray, manga, and video game.


For fans and beginners this is the way to go for the value, be warned once you start watching you will be hooked and there are many more seasons to follow up with. 

Fairy Tail has it all: character development, progression, several story arcs that actually come full circle, complete plots and ideas, minimal filler which could be considered side arcs. 

On that note for others, there is no fan-service or nudity. The voice acting really brings these characters to life in such a way that it draws you in and you fall in love. 

These are anime characters you won’t forget, and these are the tails of there misadventures. Enjoy! And here are for the other collections as the continuation.

Manga Box Set

This manga box set includes the first 11 volumes. Well, the anime itself is great, so as a huge fan, collecting its manga is must!

If you have a friends who obsessed with the anime, especially to the Fairy Tail, this box set could be the best gift for them.

Get this manga today, sure, you will love it.

Nintendo DS Game

The one thing I love in life more than video games are Japanese video games. The game itself is awesome and super fun to play. 

You can be Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Erza. You’re playing through the story as well as some weird side stories. 

I played it right away and was happy to see that it was compatible with my DS Lite. Super happy I bought this and would recommend this to all my fellow Fairy Tail fans out there!

PSP Game

The game is amazing if you are a big Fairy Tail fan. The game is only in Japanese but it’s pretty easy to understand how to play. 

You get to make your own character to be a new fairy tail wizard. Only downside is the fact you can’t play as original characters. 

This game consists of the Tower of Heaven and Fighting Festival arcs. Also the game came earlier than expected. 

I recommend buying this game if you want to make your own Mage but you should probably get Portable guild one or Zeref’s awakening if you want to play as original characters.

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Fairy Tail accessories include key set, wallet, game skinit, pendant necklace, and iphone case.

Lucy Zodiac Key Set

These keys are fantastic. They have weight to them and are beautiful. I love that they have individual key rings and one giant one with a clip. 

The two necklaces and key chain are an added bonus. The presentation box is beautiful with its graphics and the box lid is magnetic. 

I love the shiny gold and the ebony dark colors of the keys. They were made of real metals, not like plastics, that being said, they are strong and not easy to bend or brake. 


Bold Colors! Natsu, Wendy, Gray, Erza, and Happy! Great size for change or bills! Too slender for most other items. But it would be a great gift for you daughters who love Fairy Tail so much.

There are 2 types of size you can get. 6×3 inch, and 8×5 inch. Just choose which would be best for you.

I also recommend you to order the keychain as additional accessories for it.

More options:

Nintendo Switch Skin

The Fairy Tail Nintendo Switch Bundle Skin is made from a 3M durable auto-grade vinyl for an ultimate lightweight Nintendo Switch Bundle decal protection without the bulk. 

Every Skinit Fairy Tail skin is officially licensed by Funimation for an authentic brand design. The Fairy Tail Emblem Nintendo Switch Bundle decal skin is engineered to feature vibrant photo quality designs and to perfectly fit your Nintendo Switch skin which can be easily applied and removed from your Nintendo Switch Bundle with no residue, no mess and no fuss due to 3M adhesive backing.

This makes it even easier for you to mix up your Nintendo Switch Bundle style as much as you want to keep your device feeling new. 

All Skinit made decal skins are cut and crafted with everyday Nintendo Switch Bundle uses in mind so that each Fairy Tail skin offers a premium feel with a thin functional protection. 

More options:

Emblem Necklace Pendant

If you’re looking for any Fairy Tail merchandise, you better buy this! The necklaces turned out amazing! 

The chain doesn’t break easily, and the actual symbol is painted well. Most individual necklaces cost $8 or $9, but here, you get 4 necklaces for only $12! 

Its totally worth it! I would recommend these to all people who love Fairy Tail!

Iphone 6 & 6s Case

How about make your iPhone 6 and 6s has Fairy Tail touches on it? It’s gonna be cool, especially if you are a huge fan of the series.

This iPhone case if only compatible for iPhone 6 and 6s with 4.7 inches. It’s designed with soft rubber frame and hard PC back cover.

It has high definition effect and perfect patter. The ultrathin provides perfect handle as well. It will make your iPhone last long because the case provides a full range of protection.

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Fairy Tail apparels include shoes, jacket hoodie, beanie hat, and bag.


These are beautiful shoes! The glow in the dark works very well and makes the shoe just as pretty in the dark as the light. It seems to be made to last. 

The sneakers seem to be a decent quality canvas, sturdy and well put together. The art is beautiful, and I was very happy to find that the fairy tail logo does in fact glow in the dark. 

More options:

Jacket Hoodie

Want to wear something related to the Fairy Tail but still don’t want to cosplaying? Then the jacket hoodie would be the answer.

With the Fairy Tail logo and scarf image around the neck, you will look like more Natsu from the series.

But several buyers seem not to happy about the images color. Be ready for it.

Still, for the price is great for the jacket. Make sure you get this stuffs as a Fairy Tail huge fans.

Other optioins:

Beanie Hat

This Beanie is from the anime Fairy Tail and it is the character “Happy” who is a boy. This Beanie is appropriate for a girl or a boy, especially if they are a fan of the anime.

If you like the Fairy Tail anime, this is a perfect beanie for you. Even if you don’t know what Fairy Tail is, it’s a very cute cat beanie. 

Very soft and the fit is perfect. It is perfect for colder weather as well though. Very cute! The Material is soft like most beanies would feel like. I love the product and the character on the beanie itself.

More options:


There are still lots of ways to express your feeling towards Fairy Tail. One of the greatest things is wearing this bag.

You can give it to your children as a gift, especially if they are a huge fans of the anime. They will thrilled for sure.

The fabric looks great. So does with the service and product. The bag looks sturdy as well, that make you could use this for years.

More options:

fairy tail logo

Miscellaneous and Gift

These miscellaneous are also good for gift. Someone who loves Fairy Tail series would be thrilled received these items from you.


Looks, how accurate and soft it is! I love how the eyes, mouth and spots are that sticker like stuff. This little plush toy was really adorable. 

You can buy this as a Birthday gift for someone you love and it was worth it! t’s really well-made so fans are sure to love it! and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Because it has small size, it could be carry around easily. You can also use this as a lucky item because how cute it is.

More options:

Natsu Plush

natsu plush

Natsu Sour Face

natsu dragneel plush

Jellal Plush

jellal plush

Happy Plush

You will super happy with this plush. It’s very well made (the materials used are great quality), perfect size, and detail. 

You can use it for cosplay or displaying him in your anime collection! Very recommended to get (a must have for anime-Fairy Tail fans).

You can also buy it as a gift for anyone who really loves Fairy Tail, especially if he or she loves Happy characters

This plush is actually put together very well and is super cute. At first people will think and afraid that it wouldn’t be worth the $29, but it is definitely worth it.

More options:

Natsu Dragneel Giant Art Print Poster

The pieces are an odd size so the original idea we had of purchasing thin black frames went out the window quickly. We had it framed as one big picture. It turned out very nice.

Just know if you purchase one of these you will need to have it framed by a professional. The color and quality is very good but unless you are going to pin them to the wall unframed you will have to spend extra money.

More options:

Guild Sign Flag

Who loves the awesome guild called Fairy Tail? Almost huge fans must be want to become one of the members of this mage guild.

Now, in real life, you can sign yourself as a guild member with this sign flag.

Great for any fans. You can also use it as a present for anyone who loves the anime so much.

Throw Blanket

It has two layers of cloth with the graphic on the front and solid blue on the back. It is very soft, and it is great. 

Some Fairy Tail graphics are poor quality but these are amazing! They are very detailed. Definitely worth the money!

Bedding Set

The more you like Fairy Tail, the more you want to spend your money on it, right? But make sure you buy something useful for your daily lives.

For instance, this bedding set would be a great gift for your children who love the anime so much.

There is loops in the corners that you tie your blanket to and it holds it in place. It is a lot easier than cleaning a weighted blanket. Kinda like a sheet for your real blanket.

Double-sided design, both sides can be used. Different styles and different feelings, add more pleasure for your sleep.

fairy tail logo

Action Figure

Collect this action figure on your shelf. Fairy Tail has a huge selection of characters, and have been made into action figure and nendoroid.

Natsu Dragneel Action Figure

It’s rare to find a stock in Japan, but you can still find one in the US seller and it would come within several days.

This figure is beautifully sculpted! Amazing detail, you can tell that this figures has been made with a lot of attention and care. 

The detail is amazing and this product is of very good quality. I would defiantly suggest this item to anyone looking for a Natsu figure!

More option: Best Fairy Tail action figure for fans.

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Cosplay Costume

Want to be one of the characters from the Fairy Tail? Then it’s time for you to choose the cosplay costume.

Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Costume

Natsu Dragneel is one of the main characters from the series. For fans, maybe you really want to become him, right? Then, it’s time for this cosplay costume.

The quality for the price is fantastic. The material is one of the better quality costumes – thicker than most – and the zipper seems a good quality. The scarf is quite thick.

If you love Fairy Tail and Natsu you cannot go wrong with this. 

More option: Ultimate guide for Fairy Tail cosplay costume.