Finest Merchandise for Blue Exorcist Fans

How many seasons of blue exorcist are there? Well, this series doesn’t have long story line. It’s 2 seasons with 25 episodes and 12 episodes long for season 1 and 2 respectively. Are you a fan of it? Then this Blue Exorcist merchandise would be a great collection for you!

Ao No Exorcist is set in a battle of exorcists versus demons. It is a typical shonen with a good main character as the backbone.

This time, My Anime Merch will provide you with finest Blue Exorcist merchandise you can collect!

Are you ready? And here are the list!

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The media includes the DVD of season 1, and 2 blu-ray for season 2.

Blue Exorcist DVD Season 1 Complete

This is a fun anime and we didn’t have to suffer through any fan service.

I love this series both seasons were awesome. I do recommend to watch the movie it was great. I love the story line, characters, music. Perfect anime to add to your collection, though right now it is expensive. But still highly recommend this anime.

Blue Exorcist Blu-ray Season 2 Vol.1

This season almost seems to take place part way through season one, recommend watching season 1 first.

This blu-ray itself is volume 1, means that there is other volume than this. It contains episode 1-6, while the volume 2 will include episode 7 to end.

Yes, it’s different with the first season which runs for 26 episode long, the second season only has 12 episode in total.

Blue Exorcist Blu-ray Season 2 Vol.2

This is the continuation from the product above. But still, we recommend you to watch the season 1 first.

Just like I mentioned above that the volume 2 contains episode 7-12, which is the end of the series.

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Toys, Apparels and Accessories

For this section, we recommend you some unique stuffs based on the series, including playing cards, plush doll, poster, and jacket hoodie.

Playing Cards

Cards were good quality and look just like the image provided. I’m a huge fan of Blue Exorcist and I love the variety of character images on the card. I would recommend this product to any Blue Exorcist fan who likes playing cards.

The cards are great; they have a decent background and the art style is really cute. All of the suites have the same design, which is okay. The cards themselves are pretty average, and the black back of the cards are actually a really dark brown. 

Rin Okumura Plush Doll

If you love the main character of the series so much, that’s the perfect time today to get this Rin okumura plush doll.

By getting this Rin in plush formed, you can hug him anytime you want!

Not only because of he’s cute in the chibi form, but his facial expression show his youth atmosphere and spirit to exorcist off the enemies.

Blue Exorcist Jacket Hoodie

Great apparel for you! This jacket hoodie is very warm and good for spring and autumn weather. Not only that, the jacket has Okumura brother on it.

This jacket could be the best apparel for any Blue Exorcist fans! It is made of polyester, light and soft material, and it is very comfortable to wear.

3D Design Printed Using A High-grade Sublimation Printer. Eye Popping Colors That Do Not Fade! Character Accurate Design Based Off Of The Hit Anime Series.

Blue Exorcist Poster

Another great merchandise for you is this Blue Exorcist poster. It’s because you can show to people that you are a truly fan of this series anytime someone visit your room.

This also could be a great gift for any anime lovers. Highly recommended!

Yukio Okumura Plush Doll

The other main characters from the series, the big brother of Rin, he is Yukio Okumura in the plush doll form.

Great merchandise for any Yukio’s fans!

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Action Figures

Some great action figures of Rin Okumura and Mephisto Pheles for you!

Rin Okumura Action Figure (Phosphorus)

It’s a lot bigger than you’d expect it to be – wish is by all means a good thing!

The details on the figure were amazing, and the way the flames look is quite alluring. If you like Blue Exorcist, this figure is definitely worth the investment. 

The figure is amazing! The painting and detail is beautiful and clean, i love it dearly. Even the box was amazing! The figure is perfect.

Rin Okumura Figure Banpresto Prize

I didn’t expect the figure to be very nice because of the crappy quality picture but he’s actually a very beautiful figure. 

Plus, he fits onto his stand perfectly which is always great when dealing with figures (he’s not wobbly or loose).

He comes in a nice box, and his painting detail is very spot on – the selling picture does not do it justice. 

I think the most impressive thing about this figure is that Rin’s shirt is blown up in the back, as if by a bit of breeze – and if you take a look under it, you can actually just see where his tail is tucked around his abdomen! 

It’s a tiny detail, but super impressive. The proportions look good, and he has a simple blue base to stand on – he goes well with the Yukio figure in the same series! I super recommend this one.

Rin Okumura Action Figure (GEM)

Great detail static figure that truly captures the style of the character. Nice details. It has two different arm positions. The tail is detachable, and you can change the face for one with out the fire on the head. It also comes with Rin’s demon cat pet.

Great detail in the sculpt & awesome paint job! Even his little chain wallet is detailed! Looks amazing from all angles. It’s so easy to change his arms and tail out. Even Kuro looks adorable.

Mephisto Pheles Action Figure

A beautiful figure! All the little details are perfect, and I love that his hat and cape are removable! I’ve had a lot of fun putting them both of different figures for fun.

Amazing figure, very detailed, much bigger than I originally thought. Mephisto looks absolutely gorgeous, and his hat and cape can even be taken off. 

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Cosplay Materials

Want to cosplay as character from the series? Here we have costume, wig, and some other necessary materials like bag and sword.

Rin Okumura Cosplay Costume

Well, not only for Rin Okumura, this uniform could be worn by anybody who want to cosplay as one of the characters from the series, that who attend the school.

But it is most suitable for Rin cosplay. The costume itself is incredible! The colors are vibrant and nice to look at plus the fabric is comfortable.

Rin Okumura Sword Bag

This sword bag is good for cosplay. But please note that this package is only a bag, not include the sword.

The bag itself has 140 cm length, so it would be suitable for sword under 1,1 meter length. It is made of uniform cotton.

Rin Okumura Sword Replica

If material above is the bag, this time is the replica of Rin Okumura’s sword. It has length around 107 cm and unsharpened. The blade itself is made of carbon steel.

Please be aware that this sword is a replica. I don’t think trying to fight someone with the katana would do any good for it. You might end up damaging the blade since it is more of a cosplay weapon then an actual sword to fight with. It’s more of a decorative piece then anything else.

Rin Okumura Wig

In several scenes, Rin is showed that he has black hair, but sometime in dark blue colored. But because of the series itself is called “Blue Exorcist”, I think choosing the dark blue wig for Rin Okumura cosplay would be the best option for you!

The wig it self is very soft and accurate to the picture! Obviously you’ll have to style it. But it’s super comfy and stays on with no problems!

True Cross Academy Tie

This tie is already included into one set costume package about, but in case you want to buy it separately, here it is!

Really nice fabric and high-quality stitching. The colors look accurate to the picture and the anime, and the fabric isn’t crap like most fandom-specific merchandise.


Rin Okumura Costume Girl Version

For female cosplayer who still want to cosplay as Rin Okumura, or just think that Rin’s costume is awesome and want to wear it, here we recommend this costume for you!

It is completely the same as boy except that there is a skirt instead of pants. It is a really good costume and the costume is made out of good quality fabric.