Edward Elric Merchandise – Costume, Figure, Nendoroid, and more

Edward “Fullmetal Alchemist” Elric is a young alchemical prodigy. Are you a fan of him? Then these Edward Elric merchandise list is a must have for you!

He is the youngest State Alchemist ever to be recognized by the Amestris State Military, having received the title at the age of 12.

This time, we listed the best anime merchandise related to Edward Elric.

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edward elric merchandise
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Cosplay Costume

One Set Costume

Edward Elric one set costume for cosplay is the first merchandise you have to get. It is made of 35% polyester and 65% of cotton. 

It is made in China and could be washed in cold water. It is available in size men including S, M, L, and XL. The package includes a red cloak with fullmetal logo, a top black shirt, a black sleeveless inner shirt, pants, and gloves.

The quality is great and the material is very comfortable. The only problem is that if you are in anyway too big for the costume, it will not fit at all. There just isn’t a lot of wiggle room, so just make sure to get the right size!


If you already get the costueme, it’s not completed yet if you don’t wear this long yellow braids wig. 

The hairline of this wig is believable, the hair is easy to style, and it’s unbelievably soft. There is already a section of hair pieced out with a tiny rubber band to style for his little stick-up strand. 

The braid is impeccable and I felt scared to play with it too much so that I would mess it up. The colour is gorgeous and natural looking, not ugly fake yellow like most wigs.


The next step is to become Edward Elric is the put on these boots. It is custom made so you won’t find them in any store out there, so make sure you give information like gender, shoe size, and calf. 

Jacket Hoodie

This is non cosplay costume, but still good to wear in the cosplay even in winter or cold autumn night. THe fabric i s made of polyester and sport fabric. While the hoodie is  made in adult size. 

The colors are really nice it is just as it’s pictured and the material is pretty light but it’s a really good material.

Action Figures

Precious GEM with Alphonse

The precious GEM series PVC figure of Edward Elric with his brother Alphonse is a Megahouse import. It reproduces a dynamic scene with Ed and Al. LIght up feature to imitate the light of alphonse’s soul.

The figure themselves stand about 11.7 inches in tall and is made of plastic material.

Funko Pop Figure

The Funko Pop vinyl figure of Edward Elric includes compatible pop box protector case. It stylized collectable stands 3,75 inches tall and perfect for any Full Metal Alchemist fan. 


It’s an amazing statue, so detailed and well crafted even in the base it comes with! It’s absolutely recommended for any fan of the awesome manga that is Fullmetal Alchemist.

Flawless. Not even any flaws in the paint. Looks incredible, detail is incredible. Comes with a good amount of interchangeable parts. Overall just a fantastic figure.

Lots of interchangable parts give this figure a variety of different looks. pricey but worth it. amazing figure, very detailed, you will love it.


This figure is awesome. It is extremely pose-able, even his hair and coat are pose-able. 

His body is kind of weird, the way his torso bends looks strange during some poses. you can swap out his fore arm, for his auto-mail arm which even comes with a piece of his torn sleeve to give the effect that he tore through it while transmuting his arm into a sword. 

Some of the other things included, besides the usual faces and hands are 3 Transmutation effects and what I can only describe as a “dirt slidey effect” that makes it look like he’s sliding in dirt, hence the name.

It included everything displayed on the product’s page and also an extra small transmutation effect, as it’s only pictured with one. 

The exchangeable faces are very detailed, as is the automal arm. As always these figures are very poseable and the coat serves as a counter-balance for Edward, so you can pose him as much as you want, even without the stand. 

The joints are more visible on this one, though (compared to Alphonse). But they’re not an eyesore. Again, joints fit perfectly and are easily exchangeable. If you are collecting revoltech figures or just FMA stuff, you HAVE to buy this.


ARTFX J 1/8 PVC scale figure of Edward Elric is imported from Japan. It is made of PVC and ABS. He is approximately 5.85 inches (or around 150 mm). This figure is a very incredible and a must have for any Fullmetal Alchemist fans. 

This highly detailed 1/8 scale sculpt features a dynamic sense of movement with Edward’s tattered cloak swirling in an unseen breeze. Well detailed and the colors are accurate. As if you are looking at anime character in real life!

Play Art Kai

It has a changeable head, hands, and arm parts. So you can take his coat off (You have to change his arms so that he has black sleeves though). 

You can even change out his one arm for the metal looking one. 

If you like Fullmetal Alchemist and have enough money to spend on action figures, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Wish it was slightly cheaper? 

But hey it was still in a decent price range. It’s a very simple figure, and if you appreciate the series then it makes a nice addition to any collection.

Square Enix

The figure looks exactly as Ed Elric, face, hair, clothes included, is nice to look at him while watching the show. Also he has a lot of articulation points, making it easy to asume a lot of interesting poses.

The other wonderful thing is the number of options this figure includes. You have two red arms for using with the coat (which you can remove), two black arms for the shirt and one robotic arm. 

Also this figure comes with a lot of different hands, two white gloved fists, two white gloved extended hands, and three robotic hands (a fist, an extended hand and a hand to grab the spear). 

You also receive the spear and the arm blade as weapons. You can easily attain any Ed Elric look as seen in the anime.

Other Merchandise

Edward Elric Nendoroid

Edward Elric comes with three different face plates including his standard grinning smile, a tough-looking serious expression as well as an angry expression perfect for when anyone calls him short! 

He has specially articulated arm parts that allow him to be displayed with his hands together in his classic alchemy pose, and he also comes complete with parts to display his auto mail right arm revealed, along with parts to switch it out into a blade. 

He also comes with alchemy effect parts, a wall part being transmuted out of the ground and a special lower body part that allows him to be displayed crouching down. Enjoy the adorable Nendoroid Edward in your collection! Nendoroid Alphonse Elric will also be available for preorder soon, so be sure to display the brothers together!

Edward Elric Plushie

Nesoberi lie big stuffed plush figure toy of Edward Elric has size around 11.8 inches.

You will love this guy. He is cuddly, authentic, bright colors and very huggable. Perfect!! BIG too!!!

As pictured and is perfect for any FMA fan and to just have on your bed to sleep with.

Edward Elric Plush Doll

Another Edward Elrich plush doll, his size around 6 inches. But it’s different with plushie above, this is a version where he show off his machine armblade.

This Edward Elrich plush doll is an officially licensed product by Great Eastern and makes a great gift. He is cute and collectible. Get it as fast as you can because it is limited availability.

Edward Elric Backpack

Edward Elric backpack plush bag has size around 12.5 inches. It is officially licensed plush bag by Great Eastern Entertainment.

It has high quality graphics, designs, and extremely durable.

Make the perfect gift for your little one!