Dog Days Anime Merchandise – Blu-ray, Nendoroid, and more

Dog Days was one of those series that pleasantly surprised me. If you like it, maybe you want to collect Dog Days merchandise.

At first I thought the series wouldn’t get anywhere, but it sure proved me wrong. As the weeks passed by, the series just kept getting better, and it just goes to show that first impressions aren’t everything.

This time, we will list up the anime merchandise based on the Dog Days anime series.

dog days merchandise
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#1 with CD Limited Release

If you are Dog Days anime fan, then collecting its anime series is a great choice for you! Here is volume 1 as the starter for your Dog Days anime merchandise collection.

It is a great random series with the somewhat standard fair of all the girls liking the main guy, but he is kind of really dense, so never really goes anywhere.

#2 Limited Release +CD

The volume 2 of Dog Days blu-ray. It’s limited release with CD inside.

#3 with CD Limited Release

The third volume of DOG DAYS is exactly the turning point for this anime.

Since the first volume contained 3 episodes, you can see the 6th to 7th episodes on BD in this volume.

This anime progresses seriously from around episode 8.

The important scenes are recorded as a serious scene that will be developed in the future, and as one cool anime consisting of 13 episodes.

#4 with CD Limited Release

#5 with CD Limited Release

Complete Box Set Limited Edition

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Action Figures

Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois Figure

Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois Figma action figure is imported by Max Factory. She is smooth yet poseable joints and includes her hand axe and Granville.

The paint is great. The amount of poses she can do is plenty, as the arms, hands, and legs are smooth. As in, she isn’t stiff at all.

She comes with a stand, a cape, and a few hands depending on how you want to pose the weapon (or not). Even without the stand, she is fairly stable and can stand firmly on a flat surface. But when given a stand, it’s always a good idea to use it for stability.

Overall, an excellent figure that is simple: all you need to do is unbox, take the plastic off and pose her the way you want and she’s good to go. And there are plenty of options for various poses. Not to mention how affordable this figure is for such great quality. A good figure for fans of the anime.

All in all this figure itself comes with good accessories and a very nice base/stand and the figure is well painted. If your fond of the anime you will love this figure.

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Eclair Martinozzi Nendoroid

Eclair Martinozzi Nendoroid is imported by Good Smile company. She includes three expressions, optional parts, two short swords, and emblem parts.

Millhiore F. Biscotti Nendoroid

Millhiore F. Bisoctti nendoroid is an imported product by Good Smile company. She includes three expressions and Harlan.

The figure is great. It’s very responsive with quite a lot of parts that can be disassembled and/or flexed. It required me some time to pose her on her pedestal right.

There are quite a lot of accessories. All is neatly packed, it’s nigh impossible to break anything that’s in that box.

On a side note, her hair really are lighter on her forelocks and near the buns. It doesn’t look bad but it kinda freaks me out when she’s in a bright light.

As expected from products from Good Smile Company, the detail on this is superb as well as the build quality.