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Cecilia Alcott Merchandise – Greatest Action Figure and Nendoroid

Cecilia Alcott is also one of the main heroines from the Infinite Stratos series. If you are a fan of her, don’t miss these greatest Cecilia Alcott merchandise!

Cecilia is a first-year student at the IS Academy and is the IS cadet representative from England, as part of the British Aristocracy.

Through this post, we listed the greatest anime merchandise related to Cecilia Alcott.

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cecilia alcott merchandise
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Action Figures

Her cooking is very bad despite its good looks. This is not just a cliché of the English cooking skills, but also a characteristic of Himeji Mizuki from Baka to Test to Shokanjuu.

Bandai AGP Strike Gunner

From Bandai Tamashii Nations, Cecilia Alcott action figure comes in AGP Strike Gunner version. She includes interchangeable hand and face parts that can detach from IS armor.

Cecilia Alcott from Infinite Stratos rejoins the Armor Girls Project series of ‘girl meets mecha’ along with her IS, Blue Tears, as one of the greatest Cecilia Alcott merchandise!

Recreated as it appears employing the Strike Gunner high-speed maneuver, Cecilia’s highly articulated hair allows for the recreation of the character in a variety of scenarios. 

Clear parts are used to portray bits launching and a thorough array of accessory parts, including a stand, are featured. 

This deluxe figure includes the Blue Tears IS with full armaments, three sets of interchangeable hands, and bit effect parts; as well as the Cecilia Alcott figure including interchangeable faces (2 types), alternate hair parts and three sets of optional hands.

The amazing figure for its price. In comparison to the Houki and Charlotte one, this one is a tad bit smaller but if you are a true Infinite Stratos fan, this is worth the money. The pieces do not fall apart like they do for the Charlotte and is very well made so that you can pose it for many different shots.

Bandai AGP Blue Tears X

The Armor Girls Project of Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott action figure is imported from Japan by Bandai. 

The detail level is very high and very well done. It looks great up close and at a distance. Holds up very well, holds together well too. Structurally sound with many different positionings possible.

Good Smile Bunny

The Bunny version of Cecilia Alcott action figure is an import from Good Smile. she is on 1/4 scale figure that stockings made from real fabric and sculpted blonde hair.

She’s dressed up in a sexy bunny outfit for fans to enjoy! The stockings are made from real fabric, plus her shiny blue outfit and long blond hair have all been sculpted to bring out her sexy side! The 1/4th scale of the figure gives it some amazing volume.

Looks amazing. It’s really big and kinda heavy. Be careful when handling it. 

Bandai Figuarts Zero

Figuarts Zero of Cecilia Alcott action figure is an imported product by Bandai Tamashii Nations. She is in a piloting suit and display stand included.

This is a nice, good quality figure. The mold and paint are both excellent and I like the pose and expression.

Beautiful, charming figurine. Nicely painted with a sharp sculpt and cute pose. It made from very sturdy material and its very detailed.

Alter Swimsuit with Charlotte

Swimsuit version of Cecilia Alcott action figure alongside Charlotte Alcott is an imported product by Alter. The figure features two favorite characters from the series. They stand nearly 10 inches tall with base simulates water.

As advertised, this is two figures for one. They’re both sculpted and painted very well, and they have fun expressions. It’s great if you’re a fan of Infinite Stratos.


Her character is reminiscent of Ayaka Yukihiro from Mahou Sensei Negima.

Good Smile

From Good Smile, Cecilia Alcott Nendoroid is imported from Japan. She includes extra parts and stands approximately 4 inches tall.

She comes with three different expressions including her standard expression, an expression with sparkling eyes and a slight blush and a smiling expression. 

She also comes with a sandwich and a basket as optional parts, allowing you to recreate lunchtime. 

Her trademark rolled hair has been made to look just like the series and even includes joints for some extra posing options — plus extra replaceable parts are included to recreate the running scene from the ending theme of the anime.

She is cuter in person than what is shown from the pictures. The shading on the hair and the curls was done nicely. 

She comes with many interchangeable parts: a total of three face plates, some arms, extra hands, bent leg, and a picnic basket so the options of posing are different every time you want to change them and include a stand because she can’t stand on her own and her feet are small.

One of the greatest Cecilia Alcott merchandise you have to get from Amazon today!