Best Action Figure for Fairy Tail Lovers

How to watch Fairy Tail? There are several ways to do that. One of them, you can visit Fairy Tail merchandise and purchase the Blu-ray. But we won’t discuss more about that, because in this post, we list Fairy Tail action figure for any fans!

If you are a huge fan of this anime, don’t ever to miss the Fairy Tail action figure as one of your favorite collections.

My Anime Merch list a huge number of characters from the series. Make sure you get one!

And without further ado, here are the Fairy Tail action figure you need to have.

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One Set Figures

Why to buy one if you can get one set of figure? We have 6 pcs and 4 pcs of figures below.

6 pcs Set

This one set include 6 pcs of main characters: Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Elza, Happy, and Plue.

But don’t ever expect that these figures have the same size with the standard ones. Because in fact, they are smaller than the average. 

Many buyers also don’t expect that because they don’t know and didn’t read this review before.

But overall, they are still cute to collect and amazing for gift.

4 pcs Set

The other set is include 4 characters from the series, they are Phanter Lily, Zeref, Gajeel, and Frosch.

The figures stand around 3,75 inch tall. Pop Vinyl figures are ideal for all fairy tail fans! Although this is one set figure, but each figure comes individually packaged. So you will get each box for each characters.

You can use these for a gift! Your children will be happy to receive, especially if they are a huge fans of Fairy Tail.

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Character Action Figures

We also listed several characters action figures from the Series. Starting from main characters: Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia, to the supporting characters. 

Natsu Dragneel Action Figure

It’s rare to find a stock in Japan, but you can still find one in the US seller and it would come within several days.

This figure is beautifully sculpted! Amazing detail, you can tell that this figures has been made with a lot of attention and care. 

The detail is amazing and this product is of very good quality. I would defiantly suggest this item to anyone looking for a Natsu figure!

More options:

Gray Fullbuster Action Figure

From Good Smile Company. Gray Fullbuster poses with his two hands together using his “Ice-Make” magic. His shirt is also removable, allowing you to display him in true Gray style! 

This Good Smile Gray Fullbuster figure is fantastic! goes perfectly with the other good smile figures like Natsu and Lucy. 

The quality is great, love his purple boxers, I’d recommend it to any Fairy Tail fan, I mean its Gray, take off his shirt, haha!

More option:

Happy Action Figure

Happy, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box.

The figure is adorable. He is slightly shorter than other figures (Comparison to Liv’s figure) which makes perfect sense, but also makes him incredibly more adorable.

So incredibly adorable! This figure is made of a very strong and sturdy vinyl. This is the perfect item for every Fairy Tail fan, especially if you love Happy! 

Funko made a really well constructed figure.

Lucy Heartfilia Action Figure

From Good Smile Company. Lucy Heartfilia figure is based on the cover illustration of the ninth volume of the manga, which features Lucy in a lively pose holding out a key in her hand with her skirt fluttering about. 

Certain parts are also removable for a slightly different pose, but no matter how you choose to display her you’ll always be able to enjoy her energetic personality.

The Pictures speak for themselves, this is a very high quality 1/8 figure that looks exactly like the character from the show. I hope that Good Smile does other characters from Fairy Tail, because the quality of their product has impressed me a great deal.

Wendy Marvell Action Figure

From fairy tail, Wendy marvel, as a stylized pop vinyl from Funko! figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. 

The paint job is perfect, and the colors vibrant! But unluckily she doesn’t come with the stand.

But still, she is wonderful and I love the details, especially her guild mark. Great for gift and collection!

Erza Scarlet Action Figure

Erza Scarlet Gravure Style 1:6 Scale Statue features mage dressed up for Halloween or cosplay as a sexy kitty cat in the provocative Gravure Style pose. 1:6 scale statue measures approximately 5 1/4-inches tall lying back.

Get this figure as fast as possible, especially if you are a huge fan of Erza Scarlet from the Fairy Tail series.

More options:

Carla Action Figure

The other mascots from the series, Carla, also appears in the form of action figure. From the Funko Pop, the vinyl figure stands around 3 3/4 inch and comes with the display box.

Imagine, you are collecting all the mascot from the series including Happy, Flosch, and Carla herself, it’s gonna be an amazing room you have!

Juvia Lockser Action Figure

An imported product from the X-Plus, Juvia Lockser figure stands around 8 inch tall. 

The details on this figure are amazing. The price is a little high, but if you are a fan of Juvia and Fairy Tail this is a wonderful figure to own.

Panther Lily Action Figure

If you have been collecting POP figures for a while now, you can also try Fairy Tail list figure. 

Lily looks good. No weird paint marks. If you are addicted to Funko pops so you may be a bit biased but you need to try, because Panther Lily is absolutely adorable!