Anohana Merchandise – Blu-ray, figure, poster, and more

Is Anohana sad? Yes, it is! According to many people, Anohana is one of the saddest anime ever created.

Anohana was a fantastic, emotional story of loss that struck all the right heart chords. Anyone who has abruptly lost someone premature in their lives can relate to this series.

Especially for huge fans, we have listed recommended anime merchandise related to Anohana for your collections!.

anohana merchandise


A manga adaptation began serialization in May 2012

Blu-ray Complete Collection

It’s PURE gold. AnoHana is truly an amazing series. There’s just no way around it. It does in 11 episodes what other series can’t do in 40, it leaves a mark (Perhaps even a scar). It just gives you these feelings of nostalgia that you don’t even have.

Whenever I listen to the songs my heart hurts a little. 

The character is portrayed in a way that you get to empathize with and understand everyone (no matter how much of a prick they used to look like).

The story might not seem like it’s anything truly new at the beginning, but the way the whole series plays out is something else, the animation is beautiful, the voice acting is flawless, (sadly there’s no dub, but it doesn’t need one anyway) and the music is simply memorable.

Movie Blu-ray

The movie is an epilogue to the TV series’ story: 1 year after the original story has ended, the 5 friends get together to write letters to Menma(Honma Meiko).

If you’re already a fan of the series this can be a nice addition to your collection. On the other hand: If this movie is your first exposure to Anohana, you might have a hard time following the story. 

The story also relies heavily on flashbacks — which allows the movie to recycle the scenes from the TV series. 

My recommendation: Since this movie doesn’t add much to the story, you would not miss much if you skipped it (unless you’re a diehard fan, that is.)

The quality of the English dub was amazing, the art book had some nice illustrations, and the bloopers were very amusing.


The town of Chichibu has seen an immense increase in visitors because of its appearance in the anime, which is milked for all it’s worth by the local tourism industry.

School Bag

Anohana school bag is a great item for your kids. It’s using nylon as the main material, and zipper as closure type. 

It has multipurpose and is great for school, traveling, hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, touring, walking, or other daily occasions.

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap of Anohana is snap closure and made of cotton material. It is breathable and absorbs sweat. Great for both male and female.

Other Anohana Merchandise

The anime was originally going to have slapstick comedy with erotic tones, as the characters were exploring their budding sexuality in their adolescence, with the focus being on their childhood and how they were maturing as they were growing up. It had to be changed a lot for it to be greenlit, since the original concept was found to be too cliche. Although one has to wonder if this plot wound up eventually getting made into O Maidens in Your Savage Season.

Meiko Honma Action Figure

Chibi dress-up version of Meiko Honma action figure is an Aquamarine import. She is based on a special illustration and a highly detailed figure.

The figure is based on a special illustration that features the young Menma dressed-up in a gorgeous dress. 

Her skirt makes use of a clear material, and each of the little ribbons in her hair as well as all the little flower patterns on her dress have all been carefully included to create a figure filled with highlights no matter where you look. In her hands, he holds “The Flower” while she skips around with a cute smile on her face.

More action figures, nendoroid, and more, please visit Meiko Honma merchandise.


Anohana poster featuring girls from the anime series is a decorative wall poster and extremely durable, better than a traditional poster. It includes 2 hanging hooks.

On a serious note, this is one beautiful scroll! It is huge! Even then the quality hasn’t diminished much. I was a bit turned off by the price but it ended up being worth it. The measurements are also slightly off by 1-1/2 inches and it does not include the string to attach to the hooks.

I recommend this to all Anohana fans who want to decorate their wall!