A Certain Magical Index Merchandise Review – 15 Best List

What is A Certain Magical Index about? Simply put, it’s about magic and action. But I think it’s not enough to answer why you should collect A Certain Magical Index merchandise, it it?

Also known as Toaru Majutsu no Index in Japan, the anime itself seems follow the light novel faithfully.

As a huge fans, maybe you already watch the anime several seasons and need more! For example, the merchandise.

This time, My Anime Merch will cover up the best merchandise list sold on Amazon.

Despite there are several girl characters appear in this anime, it’s different with To Love Ru.

Without further ado, let’s take a look the list…

toaru majutsu no index merchandise
A Certain Magical Index Logo

Merchandise and Media

In this section, we will give some guides about the blu-ray and the anime.

There are several blu-ray released so we listed the series based on the season. 

Starting from season 1 to the alternative season, here you need to collect as a big fan of Toaru Majutsu no Index.

A Certain Magical Index Blu-ray

The first list of the merchandise for the huge fans, of course, the Blu-ray.

This contains the entire season one in a single collection. Both English dub and Japanese voices are available. The packaging is actually quite thick.

Now, keep in mind, this show was originally released before HD televisions were common.

The show was originally done in widescreen however at 525 lines letterbox so it is slightly an upscale.

The quality though, is very good. Overall, this is a great purchase; the price vs. value is amazing.

I don’t really understand why Kadokawa releases these cheap combo packs when they could have released this show much earlier and charged more.

Season 2 Blu-ray

Before this version is released, the blu-ray is divided into 2 parts. But with this version, it contains two halves of the series.

A certain magical index is intertwining anime, the story is very good, it does contain some graphic violence. I think most anime fans will enjoy it and people that discover anime will be amazed by it.

Not going to tell the story, i will leave you to discover this, i will just add that is combines science, religion, the super natural, comedy, drama and a bit of drama, with an amazing protagonist that gets bitten a lot and refers afterwards to his rotten luck.

Season 3 part 1 Blu-ray

Unluckily, it’s different with the 2 versions above, this season should be divided into 2 parts.

Also, people seems trashing this season, but for huge fans it doesn’t matter right?

And there’s a little rule here: To understand what goes on the index 3 you need to watch railgun 1 + 2 otherwise good anime.

Obviously always read the light novels for a deeper understanding but overall very good.

Season 3 part 2 Blu-ray

As a huge fan, you sure want to keep watching the next stories of the Index, right?

After the released on the part 1, you can also grab this part 2 of the season 3.


The Miracle of Endymion Blu-ray

Still feeling not enough with the series and want more? Then you can watch this alternative story.

The movie is called The Miracle of Endymion and runs around 90 minutes long.


Misaka Mikoto Keychain

I like the design of this.

Added some key clips to the key rings you have on it to make it easier to change things out like if you don’t need your work keys and such.

This Clip is very useful because it has multiple ring slots to keep your car keys on. It’s very durable and metal, but lighter than most clips.

Misaka Mikoto Bathroom Towels

The unique microfiber fabric is used for bright and non-fading printing. The fabric has strong water absorption and the fluffy and soft skin-friendly properties.

It can also be used as a blanket because of the fluffy and soft characteristics of the fabric.

The product is not suitable for high temperature scalding above 40 degrees. The first time when the water is put into the water, the plush is stuck with fuel.

When cleaning, there will be slight discoloration, the product itself will not fade.

After washing, it will not wring out, and smoothing in the direction of the hair can keep the original pattern.

Shirai Kuroko Sports Towel

For the Shirai Kuroko fans, now you can own the sports towel displaying your character.

By wearing and using this towel, you can see Shirai Kuroko anytime you want when you workout.

Also, you can show to your friend about your enthusiast towards the anime, especially the Toaru Majutsu series.

Get this Shirai Kuroko sports towel today!

A Certain Magical Index Logo

Action Figure

A Certain Magical Index action figures consist of the main protagonist including Kamijou Touma and Index, also several importance supporting characters.

Kamijou Touma Action Figure

It’s really rare to see the male main character in this kind of genre gets his own action figure, which means that Kamijou Touma has good fans.

Using the smooth yet pose-able joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used for specific areas, which allows proportions to be kept without compromising pose-ability. 

He comes with a normal face, as well as a shouting face and of course the famous ‘unlucky’ face. 

Effect parts are included to recreate the effects of the Imagine Breaker, allowing for figma renditions of battle scenes! 

He also comes with his school bag, to recreate his more relaxed school-life as an alternative to the combat. 

A pose-able figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

Librorum Prohibitorum Index Action Figure

From Max Factory, Comes a figma of the nun with a perfect memory, Index! Using the smooth yet pose-able joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes. 

Her skirt is made from fabric, allowing for easy posing even in her long skirt. 

She comes with three expressions – a standard face, an upset face and the face with sparkling eyes that she had whenever she insisted on something. 

The wimple that she wears on her head can be removed using separate hair parts. 

She comes with various hand parts, including praying hands and hands holding a knife and fork. 

Her kitten, Sphinx, is also included to be displayed by her side – or on her head! A poseable figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

Accelerator Action Figure

From Alter. Always impressive figure maker Alter has shown off their anticipated release of a 1/8 scale figure of A Certain Magical Index’s uber-powerful ESPer Accelerator.

In this figure, Accelerator has height around 6,75 inches in tall.

Himegami Aisa Action Figure

Do you love quiet young girl, or the girl with Miko attire is your favorite one?

Then Himegami Aisa is gonna be your favorite character!

Grab this rare action figure! Officially licensed product by Sega, display base is included!

Kanzaki Kaori Action Figure

Do you like a female bodyguard? Then Kanzaki Kaori action figure would be a great collectio for you.

As you know that Kaori has become one of the supporting characters who protect Index.

She skilled in the katana and has special attack called Nanasen, means Seven Flash.

Get this figure to make your collection greater and better.

Misaka Mikoto Action Figure

From the popular anime ‘Toaru Majutsu no Index II’ comes a 1/8th scale figure of Mikoto Misaka, the Level 1 esper and student from Tokiwadai middle school. 

She has been posed in a determined looking pose to bring out her confident personality.

She also comes with replaceable parts that allow you to change the figure into one of her ‘little sister’ clones! 

Even a giant sniper rifle for the little sister to hold is included – it’s like getting two figures in one! 

Be sure to display her together with the Kuroko Shirai figure that is due to be released at same time!

Great build quality and detail.

The stand is a bit flimsy (only has one peg to attach to the character), and the uniform is of a darker shade than Railgun figures of other makes, but it stands and looks fine – if you have Railgun figures from other makes just put this in a slightly darker location away from the others and it’ll fit in perfectly.

Want more? We have 19 top list of Misaka Mikoto action figure here.

Shirai Kuroko Action Figure

From the popular anime ‘Toaru Majutsu no Index II’ comes a 1/8th scale figure of Kuroko Shirai that will be released at the same time as Mikoto, allowing you to display the two roommates together!

She is posed holding her school bag in one hand and pulling out a load of metal arrows with the other, ready to jump into some action. 

Careful detail has been given to even the smaller parts of her sculpting, including her Judgement armband as well as the hidden metal arrows around her thighs. 

Also be sure to display her together with her beloved Misaka!

Last Order Action Figure

From quesQ. Last Order is the last of the Misaka Mikoto sisters. The one person who could stop the rampage of the clones if they ever get out of hand. 

Her figure creator Hide instills an extra high amount of giddiness into the figure, making the ten year old seem like a explosion of energy. 

When the display case gets too warm, take the lab coat off her, and when she doesn’t have to work, collectors can free her from the heavy goggles. 

Place her beside Misaka and exchange the giddy face piece for the cheerful smile to see the resemblance between the sisters.