6 Recommended Merchandise for Togainu no Chi Fans

Is Togainu no Chi good? According to MAL, the anime has score around 6 out of 10, which means it’s fine. But if you are a fan, maybe you don’t want to miss these Togainu no Chi merchandise on Amazon.

This anime is based on a visual novel created by Nitroplus, the company I mostly like. But on the other hand, it is BL.

If you are someone who love ecchi harem anime like To Love Ru, you may don’t like this anime at all.

However, for the fans, My Anime Merch will list up recommended Togainu no Chi merchandise sold on Amazon.

togainu no chi merchandise
togainu no chi logo


The merchandise consists of video game for Playstation 2 and poster.

Game Playstation 2

If you feel that the anime is not enough, it’s time for you to play the game.

Just feel the Togainu no Chi story on your own, with your own wish.

This game is a limited edition, but please note that Japanese format (NTSC-J) that may doesn’t work on several devices.

The product is shipped with the box and it would be a great gift or collection for any Togainu no Chi fans.

Akira Poster

Love Akira? Then this poster is a must have for you.

The Poster comes with 2 hanging hooks so you can hang it on your wall. 

It is extremely durable. Better than the average poster you can find out there.

This would make a perfect gift for someone you know who are a fan of Togainu No Chi.

togainu no chi logo

Action Figures

The action figures includes mini figure for all characters, Akira, and Shiki.

Mini Figures

Who doesn’t love mini figures? These figures are tiny yet so cute. This type of figurine could be the die hard fans for anime and cuteness.

The packages include almost all characters from the series, with the height approximately 50 mm each.


Akira Action Figure Kotobukiya Statuette

The other figures you  need to own is the main character from the series, Akira.

In this figure, Akira is wearing his usual clothes with the jacket. The stand is include to give a vibe how bad ass he is.

The 1/8-scaled statue is made of PVC and measures approx. 23 cm in height. It ships in a japanese window box.

Akira Action Figure Kotobukiya Damaged

The other Akira figure is in damaged version. He is a fighter after all, so it’s natural for him if he has this kind of look. But thanks to it, he becomes more and more bad ass and hot.

It’s absolutely awesome & worth for purchasing. Although it’s such a long time after its releasing, it’s great anyway.

Very well detail, good quality. It’s highly recommended for any Togainu no Chi and Akira fans.

Shiki Action Figure

one other cool characters from the series, he is Shiki. While holding his Katana, ready to fight and becomes one of your favorite collections.

Some purchasers may have a hard time to put his Katana on his hand, but one reviewer said that it’s very easy to do.

If you already have Akira figures, don’t forget to also grab this awesome pieces of art.

Stand him side by side with Akira to give more and more great vibe on your room.