4 Awesome Merchandise for Squid Girl Lovers

How many seasons of squid girl are there? Well, the anime has 2 seasons along with 3 episode OVA as a sequel. Love this anime? Then you won’t miss any single Squid Girl merchandise we list here.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume is quite a refreshing retake of the slice-of-life comedy scene. It was really nice to finally get one that didn’t cop out and take the way-too-overused (high) school setting like To Love Ru with its unhealthy comedy.

For all fans, My Anime Merch has listed awesome Squid Girl merchandise for any fans sold on Amazon! 

squid girl merchandise
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The merchandise includes Blu-ray, audio CD, and fashion doll


Just like what I have said before that Squid Girl has 2 seasons with 3 OVA as a sequel. Luckily you don’t have to buy them separately, because this blu-ray contains 27 episodes of the series.

It comes with an awesome art book that gives you concept art of each character and gives you some information about some of the places in japan that they visit in the show. 

The adorable Mini Squid Girl will forever decorate my purse and the 3D card is hilarious! 

Plus, it comes with a DVD set and Blu-ray which is super awesome for those that don’t have a Blu-ray player or want to watch it on their computer.

Original Soundtrack Audio CD

All anime always comes with the original soundtrack, nor opening theme, ending theme, and background soundtrack along the story line.

But not all anime has its own original soundtrack in the form of CD. And double lucky, we can also find audio CD for the series.

The song is using the Japanese, and it will be a great pleasure for any fans, Japanese music lovers, and the anime itself.

Ika Musume Fashion Doll

The other merchandise you could collect as a Squid Girl fans is the Squid Girl herself. Ika Musume is an adorable character from the series, so it’s a must to own this fashion doll.

She has hair under the squid hat. It’s a pretty light blue. She is adorable. Weird, but so cute.

squid girl logo

Action Figures

We also have Ika Musume figure for you. If not enough, follow the link for the other versions and options.

Ika Musume Action Figure

Ika musume (squid girl) has many accessory as all figmas do. She has a decent amount of accessories that she can use (ink noodles, beer mug, plate of fried rice) and she also comes with 3 different face plates. 

Another great thing about this figma is that her tentacle hair is actually pose-able which is extremely useful when trying to create specific poses that would usually be difficult to setup due to her hair getting in the way, now that’s not a problem at all since you can just move it if you need to. 

Want more? Visit Ika Musume figure page. We have 8 best selection for you.

Speaking of tentacles, this figma also comes with 2 extra hairpieces, one of them is her short hair from episode 12 of season 1, and the other is similar to her regular hair but the front two tentacles are extremely long (pic related) and bendable which is also useful for creating more unique poses.

Overall, I highly recommend getting this figma, if you’re a huge Ika Musume fan than you should definitely buy it. If you’re someone that enjoys the show but is kind of on the fence about buying this figma, then I still think you should buy it, it comes with a bunch of accessories and other extras, and it’s extremely fun to pose due to the fact that the movable tentacle hair opens up a lot of possibilities on what you can do with the figma. Basically, Squid Girl is one of the best figmas on the market and you should definitely buy her.