3 Greatest Merchandise for Yosuga no Sora Fans

What is the meaning of Yosuga no Sora? In English means “Sky of Connection”. Are a big fan of it? Then don’t miss out this Yosuga no Sora merchandise.

The story is very unique, instead of having a million girls liking the main character at the same time, the story focuses on one heroine for a few episodes then goes back to a “save point” and starts a new story with the next one.

It’s harem, but different with To Love Ru, this anime is more mature in the term of relationship.

This time, My Anime Merch listing the greatest Yosuga no Sora merchandise sold on Amazon.

yosuga no sora merchandise


The merchandise consists of Blu-ray and poster

Blu-ray + CD

First of all, the Blu-ray and CD. If you are a fan of Yosuga no Sora anime and Visual Novel, this collection is a must have for you.

It’s really hard to find a great adaptation from visual novel, so Yosuga no Sora could be one of the best out there.

Please note that this blu-ray is using Japanese language. No English dub is included.

It’s also for region A/1 and include 2 discs inside.


Another great merchandise for any Yosuga no Sora lovers is this poster. You can hang up this on your wall so everyone could see it.

This poster is featuring the twin Kasugano, Sora and Haru. 

It also include 2 hanging rod for free. Best quality product and image print, and it’s highly recommended for any Yosuga no Sora fans.

Action Figure

You can also own Kasugano Sora action figure

Kasugano Sora Action Figure

Alter are known for their high quality. It’s known that they are one of the top manufactures in the figures industry. They nailed this version of Sora perfectly. 

You can find other figures of her made by Alter, but in my opinion, the one with white dress she wears in the anime is the best of all. It looks even better in person. 

The way she lifts up her skirt is charming, her expression matches her cold personality, her shoes are lovely, the dress is amazingly detailed and feels nice to touch, her legs are smooth, her hair colors are done right, and thankfully her base isn’t typical. 

It’s a beautiful blue base with Sora’s full name written on it. Sora’s name means Sky in English, that’s why her base is blue and best of all she comes with two heads with two different hairstyles! 

Just make sure you don’t order a bootleg. This is definitely a must for every figurine collector & especially Sora fans. There is no need for hesitation, your waifu is waiting for you!

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